Sunday, September 30, 2012

Work and Play

This week was a good balance of work and play.
A lot of plodding on with special projects and the regular routine, happily interspersed with healthy doses of fun. However, my photography was not the best.

We were asked to attend the college Sunday School class along with a few other couples to provide a healthy generational mix. It has been fun to mingle with the young. The pastor who leads the class invites any and everyone over for fellowship around the fire on Sunday evenings.

Mondays I begin work on the UCC Missionary Moments for our church people--a weekly summary of the reports that have come in from those we support. Can you read the sign I put up at the top of the stairs? No? Well I warned you about the poor quality of the pictures.

Writer at Work: Do Not Disturb
The following days I focused on editing last year's blog posts so I could order the printed book. I know, this is long overdue. It sure feels good to be able to check off major items off the list.

Michael was also successful with his ever present to-do list. I cannot begin to name all his many accomplishments. Somewhere between putting together and printing new handbooks for robotics and working on the water heater, he found time to make a new pottery tool.

 I always have my knitting project close by when we watch television or drive somewhere. I enjoyed seeing my latest one come together.

The wildflower bouquets, gathered here or at the local CSA, are such cheerful reminders of the beauty and variety of God's creation.

Thursday evening Mike and I walked around the Ducktail Run in the next town. Hundreds of old cars lined up or driving around showing off their stuff. And lots of vendors.

I know why I don't clean house as often as I ought, because I am too thorough when I do.
Friday I cleaned non stop for hours. But then had a great afternoon with the daughter.

Saturday we traveled to Georgia with friends for the 6 Gap Century and 3 Gap 50.
This is my favorite photo of the week: the sky reflected on the van and photogenic friend Terri.

 So here I am sitting in the cafeteria of the high school in Dahlonega waiting for the other three to get back from their mountain rides. Fortunately I could get on the internet and spend some time with all y'all.


skoots1mom said...

Love the van shot as well!

Dahlonega is a place close to our hearts...our daughters spend 8 summers @ Camp Glisson (a united methodist camp) and our youth groups go there for spring and fall's beautiful there

My fav pic is on your tandem day 2 when you were heading toward Rochester and you took a pic with cornfields on both sides of Mike's head/in front of you on the bike...great sense of what you almost gives me vertigo...great perspective!

The Bug said...

I'm glad you mentioned the contest - I was trying to remember who had talked about toffee granola recently.

I could read your sign - what a good idea! Although at our house we are our own worst interrupters.

I love that sweater - so pretty! And the wildflowers - I had some of the same ones on my post too.

sara said...

wait...did I miss the granola toffee?!!! my favorite picture was of Mike guiding the bike through the hallways of the motel!!!!

So is his new pottery tool a golf club?! :)

I may have to make a visit soon..I am missing my boy!!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great week! Loved the sweater, I have one still in the works in one of my various knitting bags. I need to pull it out and get back to it. That patters looked really cute, loved the colors.

You had lost of fun this weekend, sorry I could not make it up your way. The wedding and family activity really took it out of me, but the wedding was a success!

Next time for sure!


Kim said...

Hopefully I have enough bandwidth to comment today. It wouldn't work for me last night.

I always love looking at your photos, and hearing what your week was like.

Does the "writer at work: do not disturb" sign work? :)

Is the latest knitted creation for the soon-to-be-born grandson? I can't tell from the photo if it's teeny or big. It's sure pretty though!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

I love the shadow pictures... i think it's cool to see the shadow of the two of you riding... :-)

that granola toffee sounds and looked so good...

Wish I were in Dahlonega with you... maybe next year I can squeeze in a trip to go back to GA.


Love your shots for the week. The Writer at work is one of my favorites...the van shot too. Looks like you had a wonderful week. How were the trees in Dahlonaga? changing yet? I am going to the mountains next weekend and can hardly wait. Cades Cove here I come.