Friday, September 21, 2012

Closeness vs. Comfort

Tandem Vacation: Day 4
Friday, September 14

Sure enough, it rained in the night. We stayed in our snug little tent way past daylight or wake up time, waiting for the constant gentle dripping to stop. We listened to what we had left of the audio book and finally rose to face the day after 9:15.

Soggy campsite
After surveying the damage we ate our breakfast standing up. The wind had blown the plastic aside and neither the picnic table nor the bicycle were as protected as we'd hoped.

Our resourcefulness was tested and proved sufficient to deal with the soggy mess, and to clean up and pack our gear. 
We stopped to say goodbye to our hosts.

"Michael, I can't clip into the pedal. What's wrong?"
"Oh, I see." 
After I dug the stones and mud out of my clip-on shoes, we headed home.

"We forgot to have them take a picture of us!"
"Oh, the attendant at the control station could do that for us when we check out."
As the day warmed up we slowly began to peel off the layers.
The fourth day on the seat was not easy, TB seemed to set in sooner and more frequently.
Knowing that the end was near made it more bearable.
(Keep in mind I am speaking for myself, not for Michael.)

Then I began to recognize familiar places.

Used-to-be J.R. Stables where our daughter took riding lessons years ago.
We rode 20 miles. No major stops till Arby's on 18. Less than 10 miles to go!

 2: 45 p.m. So good to be home!

Thanks to a bit of writing equipment I was able to keep a record of each day.
I can remember growing quite desperate on other trips when I had nothing to write with 
(or, "with which to write").
This time I snagged a handy little notebook that fit neatly into the back middle pocket of my jersey.
It was a Father's Day gift from the church, but I knew Michael would never use it.

The tag next to it, for size reference, was pinned to our pup tent.
We still find the occasional reminders of what came back to us restored after the house fire.

 After our four day adventure, we agreed that any pain or discomfort was worth it.
Who knows how long we will be able to do this. Meanwhile we will gratefully and humbly choose closeness over comfort and healthy exertion over sedentary lassitude.

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