Saturday, September 1, 2012


The highlight of the week was the visit of friends we met through this blog.
Yes, our Project 365 hostess, has been here three times this year, yet it feels like we've known one another a long time!
Sara and Steve left their youngest behind at Anderson University this week.
I feel I should punctuate each of the above sentences with the Psalmist's expression Selah--i.e. imagine that, think on that.

Here's our week:

Sunday after church we took Diane out to lunch and stopped at Leah's to see what they'd done with the huge limb that split down the middle. I think the summer drought has affected a lot of trees in the area.

 Can you see the clean cut where the very heavy branch used to be?

After Monday dinner at Chef-son's, the kids rushed out to play in the church parking lot next door. I had to go out there to get my hug from Zion.

Malachi and friend David show off their matching orthodontics-filled mouths.

Tuesday I stopped by to see how Diane was doing after her very painful balloon sinus dilation procedure the day before. She was finally able to eat.

Bowyers arrived in the evening. We were so busy talking and they were tired, so no photos.
However, Wednesday breakfast here they are still waking up and chatting with Stephan, our oldest, who happened to be in the neighborhood.

Jared asked to go to Ivanhoe's  for lunch.

Then they were off to settle him into his new home-for-a-season.

That evening we played euchre. As good hosts we let them win to cheer them up and get their mind off Jared's first most likely sleepless night in the dorm.
No, seriously, I am just learning and, though they are very competitive experienced, they coached me graciously.
Just now I looked up the game online and realized that they have so much more to teach me. The terminology list alone is unending!

We had Thursday morning to do something together. Steve hadn't seen Taylor so that's where we headed. What a gorgeous day to walk the campus! We remembered that when we were given a tour in February, it had been so cold and blustery.
We toured the new science building which opened this semester and were all duly impressed. Here is one feature:

The heliostat--a huge rotating mirror.
Reflected sun light plays with mosaic patterns
Friday it was time to say Hasta pronto. We know we will see our friends again soon.

Saying goodbye to Jared was not that easy for them.

Today, Saturday of Labor Day weekend, should have been the busiest day all year in little Upland--the town rummage. Usually we are overrun by out-of-towners hitting the choicest yard sales. Streets are crowded. ATV's are allowed on the roads. The entire community is buzzing!
Not so much today due to threatening weather reports. It didn't really rain until late afternoon.
Some of us, the more regular supporters of the new farmer's market, set up our wares in the gazebo at the park.

I spent most of my time talking to people and knitting. I tried out one of Mike's new creations, a yarn bowl, but my skein was a bit too big.

I was able to get away for a few minutes to take a picture of the sign Mike made and put up on the piece of land the DNR is donating for the trailhead of the future greenway which will connect our town with other stretches of trail making the total 77 miles long.

Mike is on the Upland Area Greenways committee. If weather permits they will be carrying the banner in the parade on Monday.


Kim said...

Another busy week in the Koch household :)

That's a very cool mosaic in the science center. Would make a pretty quilt pattern :)

I'm excited to meet Sara! Hopefully next year we can coordinate at some point while we're stateside.

semperfi said...

love the yarn bowl, what a neat idea.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

one of those yarn bowls is on my list of thing to try.


I am so glad that you and Sara had a good time, I know dropping the boy off was hard, having a friend at hand is a good thing.

I love how P365 is forming friendships that are moving outside the boundaries of the blogosphere!


sara said...

staying with you and Mike made the drop off so much more bearable!!! I am very thankful for you both!!!

Thanks for being so flexible with us while we were there!!!

Jared seems to be doing GREAT!


Glad to hear you and Sara had such a good time. Loved the pictures this week...very interesting ones.

The Bug said...

I'm so glad that you guys were there for Sara & Steve - I'm sure that made leaving Jarod behind easier.

LOVE the yarn bowl! Of course, the giant skein of yarn I'm currently using would require one the size of a mixing bowl :)