Monday, September 10, 2012


It so happens that two neighboring towns have their annual festivals only a few days apart and we were involved in both.
Many of our town's Labor Day Weekend events were cancelled Sunday due to the heavy rain. I do believe my camera took a break as well.

Monday the rain held off long enough for all the morning activities: the first annual (I hope) 5K and Fun Run; and the parade. Interestingly, our small town desfile (parade) draws crowds of out-of-town visitors--people who grew up here, relatives, and many from the surrounding area.
Mike made the airplane for the float promoting one of the children's ministries and it won
“Best Local Float” for the 66th Annual Festival 2012 Upland Labor Day Parade.

I won a medal in my age category for showing up for the 5K run. Young friend David ran his first 5K. (Photos are courtesy of his mom, Gina.)


After (as red-faced as the watermelon)
It was a full day as we also celebrated Diane's upcoming birthday. Friend Rosie stopped by to surprise her.

Diane and Rosie
This week was rather overwhelming. We had an event or significant appointment every single day.
Simple pleasures like a freshly picked bouquet brighten my busy days.
Why do hydrangeas turn pink and green?

It's always fun to see the newly fired pieces lined up on the counter.


A morning ride to breakfast relieves stress too.

Foggy morning

Thursday was set-up day for the Cumberland Covered Bridge Festival
I carefully packed the pottery while Michael went to Matthews to set up the tent. 
In the afternoon we both went over to unpack and arrange the display.
On the way home I saw the most beautiful sunset, although there were some very ominous clouds as well.

Friday attendance was low. A severe weather warning was issued around noon. The radar showed it headed our way. We secured the tent and contents as best we could and waited out the storm in the truck. Thankfully the winds never reached 60 miles/hour. The rain did continue with heavy downpours that night. The vendor across from us lost her tent. We suffered no damage.

The next two days were beautiful and the people kept coming and coming. 

Grandson and buddies

 The attractions in our tent also kept growing. 
In addition to all the new unique artistic pieces, Mike has a new line of UPLAND souvenirs.

Daughter Leah brought her painted ornaments, little boxes, tiny clay figures and graffiti art.

Son Stephan came Sunday afternoon and carved a pumpkin.

What  would you name it?

One of the more advanced Red Barn pottery students was there throwing on the wheel.

As you can see, we've had way too much fun and it's time to settle down OR get away for a few days!
Actually that is the plan. Si Dios quiere (Lord willing) we leave Tuesday on our annual tandem vacation.


The Bug said...

Ooh I love all that pottery - those Upland souvenirs look great! And of course I love the tandem shadow pic - so cool!

I think the pumpkin person is Pippi Longstocking's annoyed sister Snippi. :)

oldfangled said...

That sunset is beautiful! And the Upland mugs almost make me wish I was from Upland. So clever!

oldfangled said...
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Kim said...

Mike's work just gets better and better! Loving the lacey look on some of the pieces.

Have a wonderful time on your trip!

sara said...

Ok, I had to laugh that your grandson had the same shorts on at the festival that he ran the 5k in....boys! must be his favorite!

Stephan is amazing!!! that pumpkin is awesome!

have a great time on your tandem vacay...can't wait to hear where you go!

rita said...
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rita said...

Not grandson.

rita said...
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Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

beautiful sunset picture and love the new fired pieces!