Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No complaining!

Tandem Vacation: Day 2
Wednesday, September 12

The day dawned bright and beautiful, the air chilly, the fire pit still smoking.


After a breakfast of oatmeal, crackers, cheese, cappuccino and a piece or two of granola toffee, our after-every-meal-treat, the other cycling camper stopped by on his way out. 
He'd slept in a hammock under a tarp lean-to.

We exchanged stories and offered him one of our after-meal treats making sure that as a dentist he was okay with that.
He wanted the address so he could order more!

We learned that he lost a semester of college, so depressed over his girlfriend dumping him. 
He enlisted, won her back, and turned 21 in Viet Nam.
They covered 25,000 miles on the tandem over a period of 13 to 15 years.

We watched him leave, waved goodbye then, after a block or so, saw him turn around and come back.
He wanted to tell us that on their 22nd anniversary they rode 200 miles on the tandem!
Guess I have no room to complain after that!
He was headed to the nearby International Circus Hall of Fame in Peru, IN. That sounded interesting.

Next the host dropped by. His two grandsons had spent the night. They were making the rounds cleaning and restocking the CS, checking the campsites.

They took a picture of us and we of them.

Back to tearing down and packing.

The day was warming. We gradually shed layers until we could comfortably change into cycling gear.

We set off at 10 am.

Goodbye #186!

Goodbye Miami SRA (State Recreational Area)!

On the road again!
Seven or so miles down the road we stopped to visit the CHOF.

No sign of life so we rode around and out. However, big shows are coming up in October.

In town we stopped at a new eatery called Day and Night.

California fish tacos and sweet potato sticks. Yummy!
We soon joined the Nickel Plate Trail and rode all the way to our destination, Rochester.

At the end of 42.2 miles it was a luxury to stay at a Super 8, take a nice shower, sleep in a bed and still look out the window and feel close to nature.

We went to the K-Mart next door and walked around the area commenting that our towns are not pedestrian-friendly. 
We ate at Alejandra's diner next door and watched TV.
We are half way through our vacation.

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RaD said...

Wow! Again I say, it looks like so much fun! But I don't know how you didn't feel like you were ready to drop into bed each night.