Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Summer Fun

Another fun-filled week. However, Sunday, the day of rest,  slipped away without leaving any photographic record.
I have admired the unknown vine that grows at the foot of the tree sculpture and do have an old photo, so here it is.

Monday I met with a missionary friend for coffee. We sat outside at Payne's in a cozy cushioned cove.

Then we heard a worried miaow. Behind the couch we saw mamma cat feeding five little ones.

Not long after, she carried them one by one to a safer place.

After Monday dinner, the grandboys came back with us to spend the night.

Tuesday morning we had a family favorite breakfast, which we always called Swedish pancakes another name for crepes. What a treat with ripe, juicy, local peaches and pecan syrup!

We took the boys to the Splash House. I was so busy running after Zion that I did not get even one photo.

In the evening, we had a very American experience, a first for me--a baseball game at Victory Field.

The view from our vantage point

Wednesday, another first, at least for 2012--I started jogging again! Michael faithfully runs every other day and I decided to join him for part of the way. I'd like to participate in our town's first 5k in September. Let the training begin!
On the side of the road we found a wounded hawk. Mike called Kayla and she rushed over to rescue the bird. They had no trouble picking it up. She took it to the vet of the hawk sanctuary in Fort Wayne where it currently resides.

George, the Cooper Hawk
Our tandem date did not allow for even one cool shadow picture, only dark clouds, and an unexpected downpour. According to the radar the rain was supposed to miss us.

After an extended breakfast at Cracker Barrell we made our way back in gentler warm rain.

We spent the afternoon watching a stage of the Tour de France traversing the area in the Pyrenees where our guys rode in 2010.

I stood at that very intersection by the church for hours watching and waiting for Mike to descend the Col de Tourmalet--many great memories!

Friday we prepared for our family three-day vacation in Tennessee, glad for a bit more rain that will keep our garden alive while we are away. With all the planning and packing, no pics.

Saturday--the big day! We arrived at the time share in the afternoon and began exploring our new surroundings...

...before sitting down to a delicious meal.

So, here we are in Crossville, TN, enjoying some of what this area has to offer.


  1. You're in some of my old stomping grounds :) My stepdad grew up, then retired, an hour or so from Crossville. I have lots of fond memories of summers in Tennessee. Hope you enjoy it as much as I always did.

    Looks like a really great week filled with an abundance of activities as always :) Those peaches look especially tasty. I did see strawberries in the store this week but the price was rather high so I passed on them. It IS nice to know that we're on the back side of winter :)

    Is it just you, Mike and the grand kids or did the kids to with you to TN too?

    Have fun!

  2. wow, that was your FIRST baseball game?!!! Baseball is a huge sport in our family!!

    Can't wait to see you soon! Happy vacation!!

  3. my brother in law is from crossville ;)
    enjoy your vacation and
    congrats on starting your running routine

  4. Looks like a good week. Sorry you got rained on, but good for you guys for getting out there! I'm impressed with your desire to start running again.

    Hope you're having fun in Tennessee! Although I'll bet you're on your way home by now...


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