Monday, July 23, 2012

Desert Wanderings

I decided to begin the 2012 Art Pilgrimage reflections similar to what I did with the 2009 Cornerstone Burning Brush experience. I posted one art piece per week and then commented on it a few days later including feedback received.
Before leaving for the festival this year I had the 2009 posts slurped and gathered into a book using Blog2Print. The printed copy arrived just in time to take along to the festival. It was fun to share it with the art critic who led the pilgrimage again this year. Go here to see her and the recycled mosaic she entered that year. Then, if you feel inclined, come back and comment on the theme for this year's art walk and her latest piece shown above.

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Kim said...

We're not used to you posting other than P365 on the weekends, so it's just a fluke that I stopped by today. (I'm surfing while eating my lunch.)

I went back (since my memory is good but really, really short) to see the first piece from this artist that you shared. I'd forgotten that she used recycled plastic lids. Which makes her art that much more amazing! This looks like a fairly ginormous piece and includes a ginormous amount of tops! I really like this, and how the green leaves on the right (or are they bushes?) are large and verdant, and the desert on the left recedes into the horizon.

I'm curious: does she sell her art? While I can see an individual buying smaller pieces, something this large would be hard to hang unless you have a really big room. So maybe this would be aimed at the corporate market?