Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fun with family and friends

Sunday we met twice with a dear missionary family returning to SE Asia soon. They asked Stephan to cater the evening event for their supporters and friends. Fun to see good friends who long ago moved away.

Leo and Hope

Chef-son enjoying the crowd, some were former school mates.
Sorry neither shot shows the delectable array of foods he prepared.

Robinsons in their cool car
Our friends stopped by after to see our new house. Leo helped build the first house. They used to live down the road. We will never forget how on Saturday mornings he would walk over and help with whatever was going on at the time. Thanks, Leo!

Monday at the meal, Stephan showed me what  he found growing on one cob--huitlacoche, the Mexican more sophisticated name for the fungus commonly called corn smut.

Does it gross you out, or would you eat it as a delicacy in your tortilla?

Tuesday I captured this view of Mike watching the Olympics on two different screens. I looked in from the deck where I was reading. He has been engrossed in the games from the start.

Wednesday--a trip to Marion to take grandson Skye on a birthday shopping trip and SIL Diane out to lunch to Aunt Sue's Tea Room.

Very appropriate, indeed, to have tea (typical English meal) during this British Olympics.

Thursday morning started out with an 18 mile ride to McDonald's in Hartford City with Captain Mike.

Friday--another attempt to support the local farmer's market.

The original idea was to include artisans. I sold a few of my note cards, but none of Mike's pottery.
I enjoyed seeing people and talking to the other vendors, and spent a lot more than I made.

The youngest two grandsons stayed overnight and kept things hopping. Zion at two and a half is already very aware of Grandma's need to take pictures. He often brings the camera and insists on posing but never stays still long enough, ha!

Zion wants to ride Elijah's scooter
Saturday was a very busy day preparing to celebrate Skye's 15th birthday (July 29th). Even so I took the boys to The Splash House for a couple hours. 
Between 4:00 and 5:00 the family had arrived and helped put together Skye's chosen meal--fondue, the Koch way. I snapped a photo from the loft above so you could see what it's like. 

If you want to hear what it's like click here:

You do NOT want to hear the birthday song, however, well, unless you are a family member--the longer, louder and crazier the more honored you feel!

We didn't have a cake and he preferred the leftover brownies to apple pie and zuchini bread, so that's where we put the number 1 candle + five others. We had to be very resourceful, as you can tell by the beach towels in place of new table cloth for the oil-splattering meal.


Kim said...

I think I'll pass on the corn smut :)

But the tea with all the finger food really looks good!

As does the birthday party feast. How can Skye be 15 already?!

momma frans said...

Sounds like a really fun week.
I've never had fondue,other than the chocolate fountain you sometimes see at wedding and baby showers, but I doubt that counts.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

What a great week for you and I love the picture of Uncle Mike watching the Olympics on two different screens :-)

Lhoyt said...

Looks like a wonderfully fine time at Grandma's.
As for Robinsons' car, I've always wanted to at least test drive a Cruiser.
Even though I was only 4 or 5, I still remember fondly the 'tea time' at Mrs. MacLeish's (sp.?) home on the square in Quilmes.

sara said...

I am with Mike...I love every part of the Olympics and watch as much as I can. I even had it on THREE TVs in the house so that as I was moving and cleaning I wouldn't miss anything! :)

That fondue looks wonderful!!

The Bug said...

Love the fondue shot - that's really cool that you can capture the whole table that way. And Skye looks properly loved :)