Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fun, fun, fun!

We are having more fun than anyone should be allowed!

Sunday, Gina invited all of us like-family friends for lunch.

A small portion of the crowd enjoying the outdoors

Just realized that it's been a year since Kayla got her car and started college. Monday she goes back again.

Friends from Doulos days arrived Monday evening and joined us at Stephan and Karen's for Monday meal. Forgot to get any photos.

Tuesday we took them to the Indiana State Fair along with SIL Diane. Perfect weather and great prices on $2 Tuesday. The highlight for me was the Sandi Patty concert.

Wednesday we took our friends to Muncie to the world headquarters of the Academy of Model Areonautics. Long lines of tents, booths, flags, and model helicopters! And in the Museum we found Mike's name on one of the several walls covered with thousands of names of those who are or have been members. As an adolescent he built and designed remote control airplanes.

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Bought this gigantic tomato at the Minnetrista Farmer's Market, especially for the seeds.

1.5 lb. heirloom tomato
Thursday our friends left after breakfast. We had such a good time together.

Gary and Pam
Friday, Leah joined me at the Upland Farmer's Market to sell some of her unique cards.

Our Table at the Farmer's Market
  And Saturday noon I went to Kristie's baby shower. More fun!

Pregnant sisters and mom-Debby.
Great week, lots of fun, and now it's time to go to bed and be ready for another full week.


Kim said...

Sounds like a wonderful week! :)

I'm seriously jealous of all the lovely tomato photos I've seen this round of P365 posts.

Kristie and her sister look a lot alike! Are their due dates close too?

Have another great week!

sara said...

looks like a very fun week!

really, is there anything Mike can't do? :)

I haven't heard Sandi patti in years!! Bet it was a great concert!

The Bug said...

I'm glad you had such a nice week! Love those maternity outfits - VERY fashionable!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Loved the tomato, I have a friend who is a master gardener and he does all his tomatoes from seed. But he has his own green house and is retired so he has lost of time to devote to his garden.

Good luck with your seeds!!