Monday, January 14, 2019

February 1946, A Move and More

". . . to lose track of our stories is to be profoundly impoverished not only humanly but spiritually."
Fredreick Buechner, Listening to Your Life, Dec. 10

I began to track down my life stories some time ago, but only recently became serious about writing a book. I joke about the fact that in chapter seven I am only twenty-one months old! I have yet such a long way to go, so many stories to uncover. Therefore, this goal must become my full-time job before I run out of time!

Years and years of weekly letters from my parents to theirs provide wonderful resource material. I have culled quotes and stories from these up to February 24, 1946.

In this post I will share some of what I remembered and learned as I researched the historic context. The big surprise was when I realized that Juan Domingo Perón was elected to the presidency of Argentina at that early date, February 24, 1946, and that Peronismo became a movement that endures today.

Evita y Juan Domingo Perón
Some childhood memories stand out:
  • Portraits of the presidential couple hung everywhere and we regularly sang La Marcha Peronista, the Peronist rallying song, in school. I did not remember it being so long--nine stanzas. I only recall the first one and the refrain.
  • The Eva Perón Foundation made and distributed clothing to school children. My little dress was a yellow flowery print. I think they were handed out indiscriminately in school. If I remember correctly it didn't fit, was not sewn well and I never wore it.
  • During our return voyage after our first furlough in the US, we were informed of Eva Perón's death and asked to observe a moment of silence.
As an adult I read about Evita and also watched the musical--an artistically accurate portrayal of that enigmatic period of history and of a person who became a legend. Madonna's performance in the role of Evita had to be her best ever.

The chapter focused on the move to our first home in Argentina. I was curious about location and distances between the places mentioned and any other interesting and relevant facts. The map helped. But I find that I can easily spend too much time researching and learning and not enough actually writing.

January 10, marked a significant anniversary--seven years from the day we moved into our rebuilt home. Seven months to the day from the housefire, and after a long day of packing, we were finally home.

Home Sweet home
Memories of the housefire remind me of why I feel compelled to write. As I watched the house going up in flames, I reminded God that he was able to protect whatever was important. He did just that and because letters and photos pertaining to our life stories were preserved amazingly in the rubble, I understood that these were important to him too!

Among the ashes

Other memories that surfaced this week:

Five years ago Sam was still hospitalized after mayor brain surgery Christmas Eve and a later return due to infection, but was on the mend. Every reminder fills us with gratitude for God's protection and healing.

A year ago Stephan was carving ice on the top of a mountain in Slovakia.
And this weekend he was in Carmel, Indiana, at their Festival of Ice. We went Sunday afternoon for the speed carving competitions. Such a fun and entertaining event!

Are you tracking your life stories?

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