Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer Daze

Summer moves on more slowly now as I wait for my bones to become knit together firmly, however each day brings new and interesting distractions.
Personal hygiene remains complicated, hair styling impossible, but I focus on what I can do, like walking. Most days I keep going beyond the mailbox at the top of the lane . . .

. . . and just keep going toward the Taylor University campus and explore a different path each time exceeding my daily step goals.  

Michael is a good caregiver, and with some added help and a few meals still coming, we keep the household running. 
Mondays, however, we always look forwaed to son Stephan's meal and hearing what they've been up to. This time we got to see the repaired and restored old shepherd before it was returned to MAC,  their church. Now it is displayed indoors away from the destructive effects of weather.

More art sightings: 
We had a pour painting party for Leah's adopted birthday, my friend Georgia's idea..

Here are the resulting works of art. Rebecca and I just played with watercolor.
my only contribution was a tree outline; she added the green.
That evening, however, I watched Sarah Cray's live tutorial on Let's Make Art and attempted a small card with my limited dexterity.

The next morning was my follow-up appointment at the Central Indiana Orthopedics. The double splint was replaced by a hard cast. Ouch, the edges are hard, causing different limitations! Notice the Argentine colors, albiceleste, in honor of their 203rd birthday, el 9 de julio.

Needless to say I could not join Mother for the Grace Village outing to the Kosciusko County fair. They posted a few photos, and there she is playing Bingo.

I've also been following the many reports of the visit of our sister ship Logos Hope to Buenos Aires. The highlight this week was the 40th alumni reunion with numerous photos and stories of those who gathered for the event. 

Doulos friends, how many do you recognize in this last photo?

Friday and Saturday Michael left very early each morning, but made sure I was dressed, fed and ready to fend for myself. 
It was the weekend of the Indiana Robotics Invitational. In its 20th or so year, this has become an elite event--only 68 of the best teams, 50 applicants were turned away. And we were invited, thanks to our high ranking in Indiana. Amazing! 
I was thoroughly entertained watching the livestream at home, and our little team felt God's blessing in their performance and two neat surprises: Kaylee won an IRI scholarship, and alliance #1 selected 1720 as alternates and then won the championship!

I was even able to join the UCC hiking group Saturday morning and be back just in time to watch the first match. 

Of course someone gave me a ride. Hmmm, wonder when I'll be able to drive again. Next appointment is July 30.
How is your summer going?

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  1. "small card with my limited dexterity" - well for heaven's sake I couldn't make something that cute with all my full dexterity! Good job!

    I hope you're healing quickly & can return to your usual routine lickety split!


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