Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Another week

Another beautiful Sunday bouquet from cousin Karin. The more I enlarged the photo, the greater my wonder at the delicate colors gauziness of the petals.

 My friend Georgia came by Monday. I urged her to pick the last of the flowers. She found this beauty.

And she dropped off a favorite sandwich from a local cafe, The Bridge, along with a couple pieces of art. She's been painting rocks and hiding them in places to cheer people. It had been her intention for me to search for them, but since I am confined to my chair for a time, they simply adorned the lunch.
I wish you could appreciate the exquisite details of her amazing miniature art.

The mail brings lovely and fun surprises almost daily. The get-well cards were a delightful mix of humor and sweet sentiments.

Phone conversations can be a wonderful and meaningful diversion. Tuesday was my Uncle Dan's 102nd birthday and I had a lovely conversation with him! He is now the last of the six Hirschy siblings left. He still enjoys life, even with the increasing limitations of his advanced age. He's looking forward to going outside and working in the raised bed garden as the weather improves. I told him I'd think of him as I hobble around with the walker.

Daniel, Philip, Kathryn
Wednesday we went back to the orthopedic center. The ankle is healing with proper alignment so that is good. I now have a walker and have permission to gradually begin to put some weight on that left foot.

Thursday I had special visitors and was allowed to hold my new great grandson!

Destiny, Skye and Kalani

Thanks to this confinement, I had time to remake and finish Kalani's blankie. I didn't like the first attempt so I frogged the project completely (in knitting terms it means to unravel). 

Eyelet Stripe Baby Blanket 
Another type of face-to-face visit was our weekly Writers' Bloc Zoom meeting. These days we are very grateful for technology that allows us to continue sharing each other's writing projects.

Those are some of the interesting distractions of each day. However, every day, all week, I have been plodding on in the process of mailing the surgical mask relief tension bands, as described in the previous blog post.

It's been fun to receive thank you notes, even a photo, and requests for more. So Michael has been busy all week laser cutting hundreds, even thousands more.

On more relaxed days, like Sunday, Michael has fun cooking and baking.

Blueberry Cherry Pie
I heard a Taylor University chapel talk this week, actually by a former student from years ago. His family answers three questions every day regarding Covid 19.
  1. What have we lost?
  2. What  is not lost?
  3. What have we gained?
They are good for all of us to ponder and always remember Jesus' words, "Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."  Variations of  "Fear not," are as numerous in the Bible as the days in a year.


  1. I'm glad you graduated to a walker - that should make life a little easier! And I'm glad you got to hold your great grandson! Kudos to Mike for his project (and to you for doing the practical work of getting them in the right hands - or on the right heads!).

  2. Well, Rita, I'm still not sure if your ankle injury was from your bike accident or something separate. Thankful for continued healing and getting around better.

    Such a creaive husband you have in so many areas! This is the first we knew he was also into amazing pie making. He and Fred share this hobby. Fred , at this moment, is making an apple pie for our neighbors.


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