Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Gifts in Confinement

Whenever possible I like to open the weekly blog post with flowers. My dear cousin in Tennessee. began sharing her Sunday bouquets with me. What a gift! She has a wonderful garden and has for years made a weekly arrangement for her church. She continues preparing the beautiful displays, except that now they grace her front porch for any passersby to enjoy. Now all my readers everywhere will be blessed by Karin's beauties.

Crutches were among Monday's gifts. Moriah offered to bring a pair from their family's supplies. Isn't she cute here trying them out pretending to be me, the shorty.
Her other reason for venturing out was to pick up clothes and items left in her room in the hasty departure when the initial quarantine was announced.

Mike and Moriah helped get me out of the house and into the car to go for an X-ray of my left ankle and foot. The next day Michael and I managed the transfer to and from the car safely for our trip to the Central Indiana Orthopedics. Dr. Haller, the same doctor that treated me after the tandem accident, confirmed the ankle fracture and ordered: a boot and no weight bearing for two weeks at least. 
Although very grateful for them, I am not a fan of crutches. I limit my trips as much as possible (no pun intended). I've almost decided it is more limiting to be lame in one foot than two arms. However, it could be that I've forgotten what last July was like.

The comfortable recliner, surrounded by all my "stuff" (cell phone, laptop, chargers, notebook, journal, writing and coloring tools, puzzle books, knitting project, water) is a blessing.

A piece of equipment I use all the time now, was a gift from Michael some time ago--a Furinno adjustable TV tray/ computer desk.

As I sit here and watch Michael cook, clean and do all the things I would do if I were able-footed, I am very grateful for a husband who lives out the "in sickness" part of the vows without complaining.

In a small way I've been helping out with his latest project. I look up the physicians of the area and address hundreds of envelopes.

Next I move over to the counter to stick on stamps and return address labels before stuffing them. 

Each one must contain a letter and fifteen surgical mask tension relief bands. This is how they are worn (except for the mask elastic hooked on my earring, ha).

Walmart donated the plastic folders used for cutting out 26 bands each with the laser cutter at the robotics shop.
Your local Marion store 1294 had the opportunity to donate to a cause that hits close to home for each of us. It makes us so proud that we had the opportunity to donate 300 folders that will be used for our brothers and sisters on the front line! Thanks to PhyxtGEARS for reaching out and giving us the opportunity to donate to such an amazing cause. These folders will be used to make Surgical Mask Tension Release Bands. These will be donated to area essential HealthCare workers.
I am grateful for the food set before me regularly and Michael's specials, like Vermont Cheddar Bread and Butternut Bisque.

One day this week, a dear friend dropped off a sack lunch while Michael was working at the shop.

We enjoy playing Splendor most evenings. We finally found a game that challenges us both equally.

The weekly post would not be complete without a sighting of abuela's little greats!

Among the many online communications of the week--a special photo and a family consensus. From the suggestions for Mother's grave marker, Alan chose, "A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Proverbs 31:30

I will close with a meaningful poem from one of the many cards received:

Her voice will echo
in memories you hold,
Her smile will warm you
through stories retold;
Her love will touch you
in spirit each day,
Her life will be treasured 
in beautiful ways.

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  1. I love your parents' grave marker! I wonder if it's harder or easier to mourn this loss while you recuperate? It sounds like people are taking good care of you!

    The ear savers that Michael's robotics group is making are such a great idea! I crocheted one, but I'm not so sure about it.


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