Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life moves on...

Yes, it does! In fact, at a rapid pace. The week was so full that I forgot most days to capture those fleeting moments for posterity. I will try to fill in the gaps somehow. Like last week, this one culminated with a BIG day on Saturday. I could overwhelm you with photos of Saturday's event so that you will understand why the week was hectic, but I won't.

It all began with Missions Sunday. Our special speaker was Marvin Newell. I have a book he wrote, it survived the house fire. Though somewhat damaged, it remains a very inspirational read.

Here he compiled the stories of all the Moody Bible Institute graduates who have been martyred.

For lack of a photo for Monday, I will show you the finished harpist sculpture as some have asked to see it.
If you have the time you could watch a time lapse [] which condenses the 200 hours of the the process into 6".

 Tuesday, the daughter and I met up at water aerobics. She always did love the water!

Leah enjoying a swim after the session
Wednesday we received very sad news. Martin's family was hit by a van--two children died, ages 3 and 5; mother and three others hospitalized; one teenager and newborn released the next day. He is one of the Amish men who worked on our house.

In the evening I attended the monthly writer's group. Our guest was a young Taylor student who writes primarily for children (upper elementary age). She already has two books published.

It is always interesting to learn from another writer's journey.

All throughout the week Mike and I were preparing for the celebration on Saturday: washing windows, mowing the lawn, hanging pictures (Mike), among other things; cleaning floors, food purchase and prep (me), among other things. Some of those other things involved the usual, such as volunteer and exercise activities, as well the occasional, like helping dear friends.

Among the many errands Friday, I stopped to visit Viola. We shared a light lunch--a huge orange each.

Saturday Leah came over and we spent hours together preparing for the  fiesta--an open house/wedding shower for Kayla and Matt. They found a house for rent and will be moving in May. Many people wanted to bless them as they begin life on their own.

Gift Table
Opening Gifts

As you can see I enjoy going down to Mike's pottery 'store' and choosing appropriate pieces for each occasion.

The younger ones enjoyed playing outdoors most of the time.

The weather has been so beautiful. Our woods is greening and closing in on us.


  1. So sad about your Amish friends. I'm afraid we'll just see more and more reports of fatalities due to texting while driving.

    Happy that Matt and Kayla found a place! Hope they scored lots of loot at the fiesta :)

    It looks SO GREEN there! Looks like you had a lovely day for the party.

  2. so sad about your friends.

    congrats to Kayla and Matt!!!

    It is very green here too. with all the leaves out, we can no longer see our neighbor behind us!

  3. I lost a good friend who was hit by a 16 year old texting and driving. She was hit so car her baby in his car seat was ripped out of the car...and found sitting sound asleep in the median. Your pictures were amazing...and I loved the harpist even more.....thanks for sharing her again.

  4. the finished harpist sculpture looks so neat!!

    So sad to read about that Amish family.

  5. So terrible about that family! Scary...

    I'm glad you had a good celebration - it sure is looking lovely in your neck of the woods.

    YES I need to set a firm date. I'll get with Mike & see if we can come up with some dates in the next couple of days. He's gearing up for finals (two more weeks!) & then we're planning a vacation at the end of May. So it might be June. I'll let you know!


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