Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2013 Week 19: A slower week

The lilac bush is laden with fragrant clusters.
The grass is growing wildly.
The total greening has me enclosed, I can no longer see my neighbor-friend come and go.

The week was somewhat similar. I was more confined, fighting a cold.

Sunday Mike got back from the wet and cold cycling event in Chattanooga, TN, tired, cold, but safe! One cyclist died in those dangerous conditions, others were injured.

Monday I added another post to my new blog Doulos Days.

And, looks like I got ahead of my husband in Words With Friends, surprise!

Wednesday I brought in the very last narcissus, explored the new growth in our fascinating woods and discovered tulips growing in an obscure spot.

That evening Sara's son (who just finished his freshman year at Anderson University) came by to pick up the luggage he stored in our attic so he could pack and be ready to leave for home after graduation. (As a music major he was required to stay and play for commencement.)
He was feeling so relieved and relaxed after a demanding semester that he hung around with us old folks to play card games! His school friend from Little Rock, a Taylor student, joined us for the second game of Hand and Foot. The saying beginner's luck proved true when she won!

It was after midnight when they left. We feel so honored when young folk enjoy hanging out with us. :-)

Thursday is always a big writing day, deadline for the missionary report. I am so grateful for the large loft area that I call my writing center because I can spread out papers, photos, letters and make piles and they are not disturbed, or seen from downstairs.
I dared to open a box this week and discovered many interesting treasures. (For some reason, maybe because I am the oldest, I have been given all the family-history documents.) I opened a package wrapped in brown paper and labeled Hirschy letters.

I read one of Grandma Hirschy's carbon copied letters from June 22, 1978, when she was over 90 years old, at least seven typed pages. (I wonder if she had help?)
For many many years she blessed her family, scattered around the world, by copying their letters to her and sending them out to all.

Friday I got together with a former student and she gave me a Mother's Day card. How sweet!

I also worked on the T-shirt quilt I am making, put together the first six blocks and went back to Sew Biz for advice. (Don't want to spoil anyone's expectations with premature photos.)

Saturday, while Mike was leading his annual ride for the Delaware Cycling Club, I had several errands to run. I stopped at Subway for a sandwich and was served by a delightful young lady we have known since she was a baby. We always called her 'little Kayla', but I think she's outgrown that now that she is about to graduate from high school. We are very proud of her.

Jared was back with big sister Alyssa, who flew out from Arkansas to help him drive home safely for the first time in his new car.

They spent the night here and left early Sunday morning for the long trip.
Of course we had to play a game of Hand and Foot. ;-)


The Bug said...

Loved seeing Jared & Alyssa! I can understand why they like to hang out with you guys :)

That WWF score is pretty sweet - I don't think I've had one that high before!

Love the flowers & the safe husband. You be safe too!

Kim said...

Hope you're feeling better! You need to be at 100% for your upcoming trip to Spain :)

Loving all the flowers! I was thrilled to see all the flowering trees on the way down from Chicago this afternoon. Lilacs! Dogwood! So many fully loaded trees that I just kept grinning with the joy of it :) (And of course it helped that I was with Kyle and Tina too!)

We'll have to play some Hand & Foot this summer with you guys; it's one of our favorite games.

Sleepy, sleepy, so off to bed now. I'll catch up on your Doulos blog tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you in less than 2 weeks!