Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 Week 51: Christmas Countdown

As Christmas approaches there is a crescendo of activities and programs.
Slowly, a little bit each day, our home decor grows: the cross that lights up the house and can be seen from the road; the Christmas tree; several nativities; and some gifts have appeared under the tree.

Christmas programs and performances abound. In fact, Kristie needed help Tuesday as two of the boys' school programs were scheduled at the very same time. She took Elijah (4th grade) to his and I went with Zion to his preschool.

Elijah had a speaking part, as the Clock, and also sang and played the recorder.
(Great job, Kristie, with the costume!)

Zion did very well: waiting patiently for his class performance, and singing a couple songs, and quoting John 3:16.

The ladies Bible study group I attend had a Christmas brunch on Wednesday. Four women offered to host: decorate a table and provide a little gift. We picked our favor before entering the room and then found the corresponding table. I chose a pair of pearl earrings. Now do you know where I sat?
I am grateful for these friends.

Leah was on a roll decorating her house and wanted me to stop by, so in the afternoon, following tap class I had the double delight of seeing daughter's beautiful decor and holding Rebecca, who entertains Nanna while Kayla is teaching dance.

Leah's decor brings back many memories. She has lovingly preserved, even refurbished old ornaments from childhood and from our world travels and then adds her own special touch. Notice the Peruvian llamas all decked out for Christmas!

Bouncy girl                                      Ready to go home

Thursday and Friday for me were mostly taken up with finishing up the semester: grading the last chapter test; a speaking final; and calculating and submitting grades as required by Ivy Tech.

It would have been fun to go to Stephan's annual demo at the Indiana Museum of Art Friday evening.
I think I'll put it on my calendar for next year! [Thanks, Stephan, for the photo on Facebook!]
How many penguins do you see sliding down the ice?

Michael has been steadily working on his bronze, a very elegant dancer, but hasn't come up with a title. Any suggestions?

He has a short break from robotics before the intense build-season begins in January.
There was some excitement during their last team meeting--one of the boys, that he takes from Upland, fainted and hit his head hard and they had to take him to the ER. Never did find out why, but it sure made for quite an interruption.

Sam was contracted to remodel Burger King restaurants, and has a crew working for him. The last two or three weeks he's had two jobs back to back with only one day home. Last night the three younger boys came over so that Sam and Kristie could have some time alone. I must have been busy enjoying them so much that I did not even take time out for one photo. Sweet memories remain, however, like cozy moments sitting together reading Christmas books. While they ate breakfast this morning, I read another book. When I started the next one, Zion said, "That's a couchy book." He preferred to cozy up for that one. 

So, one and all: ¡Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo!


The Bug said...

OK, so much to comment on here today! I decided to type as I go so I wouldn't forget anything...

First, whoa! VERY cool clock costume!!

Love the favor/table setting idea!

Love the llamas...

And that Rebecca is such a sweetie...

PENGUINS!!! I see four...

Love the idea of a "couchy" book - I know just what he means :)

Leah Sower said...

for title.....Serenity