Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 Week 11: Growing and Aging

In my haste to download photos from my cell phone, I hit delete (so sad) and lost five most recent and favorite pics (so very sad).

Yes, God's love is as multifaceted and His children as diverse as the colors of the rainbow.
Yet each one of us are His unique creation.

Leah received her Christmas gift at last--the results of an Ancestry DNA Ethnicity test.
She is thrilled to know more about her background. Not surprisingly there is a lot of European in her. The Native American percentage was of special interest.

Monday, as soon as I could get myself together after the exhausting robotics weekend away, I went to visit my friend Viola and witnessed a sweet mother  and eldest daughter reunion. Sadly, her youngest daughter passed away last week.

Tuesday I could look out at the bright outdoor scenery while I cleaned and tidied the house all day long. As usual, I needed a deadline to motivate me--the Bible study ladies were coming over Wednesday

I was able to rescue some bent over frozen daffodils for the occasion. They've been much happier indoors.

Thursday evening Jude was dropped off to spend the night. We enjoyed many things together: we read books about fish and sharks and Jonah; watched the squirrels eating bird seed off the ground; played "war" a card game; and had a Crazy Clown sundae at Ivanhoe's. That is one of the cute photos I lost. :-(  And while I slipped away to attend Maggie's funeral, Jude helped watched grandpa start the fire.

Friday I saw this week's SEGway and the article I submitted!

Also, a wonderful video wrap of the event was posted online:  St. Joseph District robotics competition.

Saturday was a big day for both of us. Mike went in earlier than usual for their regular workday and came home later than normal, and was very pleased with the progress on the robot.

I went to my Mother's and met with two area brothers and their wives (that is another photo I deleted, sadly). We gathered to discuss with Mother the opportunity to move to an Assisted Living studio apartment that became available recently. However, she does not feel it is time yet.

I returned in time for the special (lamb burger) and Phil Linehan's art talk at The Bridge Cafe. (I didn't know they were videoing the event!)

Today, Sunday, we gathered to celebrate Stephan's 46th birthday. We hung his Christmas gift just in time for him to admire his handiwork in its perfect location.

Michael put together a wonderful meal while I went in to Marion to pick up Diane.

We surely enjoyed our little ones. Zion and Jude prepared a "joke show" for Stephan, our family comedian. And Rebecca bossed entertained us all.

How comforting to know that though we change, grow old, and die, God's love and faithfulness are ever the same.

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The Bug said...

I'm so sorry you lost your pictures! I think you need to get that sundae again so you can recreate it...

That Rebecca - I'm sure she is very effective in getting her way :)