Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 Week 15: Focus


The focus of the last several weeks culminated Easter Sunday. Happy Easter messages and decor abounded, most having to do with spring flowers, bunnies, chicks, eggs--the popular seasonal themes.

I was intrigued by the window art at our local hardware store. Notice anything peculiar about the rabbit?

I try to gather and wear items that speak to the events we remember and celebrate this week--the death and resurrection of Jesus.
Hobby Lobby is where I find the most meaningful decorations, like the cross on the shelf above our dining room window, and the candies and jelly beans with a message.
I can't remember where I got the cross necklace. I love the prayer written on it, "Señor, guía mis pasos." (Lord, guide my steps.)
The  GRACE bracelet is actually from my alma mater and reminds me of the school's theme verse: Ephesians 2:8,9--the free gift of eternal life.  And the Psalm 23 bead bracelet speaks to me of the life-long living-out of that life--the daily walk with the Good Shepherd.

One day this week we had a surprise visitor! While they were out running errands, Rebecca begged her mom to stop by abuela's house. Happily both abuelos were home to enjoy her company.
The first thing she asked for was my cell phone to take pictures of us! She didn't do too badly--a budding photographer. Then we picked flowers together and it was her turn to pose. She's quite good at that too!

Resurrection Sunday, we all gathered (except Matt who had to work) to celebrate together and enjoy one another. I was too busy hostessing so I only got two photos of the lovely girls--Cassie (Skye's girlfriend) all dolled up for Easter, and Rebecca in her outfit picked out by Papaw (Jimmy) and riding her tricycle which lives here.
I'm so glad I thought to pass the phone over to Karen for a pic of our fun game time! Unfortunately, there is no photo of her nor a few other family members.

BTW, congratulations are due Karen who won a Teaching Excellence award last week!

So, I've been thinking a lot about focus  this week, hence the title.

Michael's focus lately reminded me of the absolute dedication he exercised while building our house over a period of three or more years. All other interests were set aside for a time, except his day job!

Now his focus is on mentoring the robotics team. Very little else draws him away (except taxes this past week). He is an expert at time management and never wastes time.

I have much to learn from his example. My focus is on those God has given me--family, friends, students--and the writing goals he has put on my heart.

This week our town paper ran a front-page article written by team members.

The opportunity to go to St. Louis and compete with and against the best teams in the world is truly awesome, though not entirely deserved. Spitfire did not have a flawless performance. There were electrical, mechanical, programming issues, as well as human errors, and even playing-field failures.
I like to think that God has His own purpose and plans in allowing the team to go. This unique view of the PhyXTGear trailer through our front door brings to mind God's different perspective. We want to eagerly and humbly do our part. 

P.S.: Kristie's surgery is now scheduled for April 25th.

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The Bug said...

Thank you for TWO photos for my Rebecca fix - and she did a great job getting a picture of you two! That one will be treasured...

I enjoyed Easter here in my home state - church and then lunch with my aunt & uncle's large family. And too much sugar!!

I could use a dose of focus my own self - so scattered these days. Perhaps once we're "done" with the house I'll be able to be more productive. We'll see!