Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017 Week 24: Zion's Turn

 Instead of flowers, here's a volunteer leafy veggie growing happily in one of the untended areas on the south side.

Zion (7) had his first experience away from home and siblings for several days. He attended the Art Camp at Taylor University, two hours in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. So, we had many adventures together, including going to Stephan's Monday meal where he enjoyed making an ingenious Lego vehicle. The photo does not do it justice.

Other guests at the dinner were neighbor Jazmine and Karen's parents, Dolores and Red Mounts!

After second day of art camp, Zion could not wait for the promised Ivanhoes' treat! He studied the menu a long time and chose a Crazy the Clown sundae.

Zion was a bit homesick so Daddy picked him up on the way from one of his jobs for a night at home.
He was ready to come back the next day for the last half of Art Camp, this time he brought his bike.

Looks like Rebecca had her own art camp at Nanna's! Kayla was back to work this week.

One other highlight of the week was the wedding of a young woman from our community who travelled with the Circle Tour 13 team to the Basque Country.

Happy and dry on a rainy day in the Basque Country

Ellie and Wynn Coggin
In time for Father's Day, I doscovered some interesting tidbits about my father from his 1944 Huntington College yearbook. I hadn't known that his major was English, and was surprised by the nickname--Sammy! He was so young and hardworking--a first time dad, finishing college in the summers while attending Seminary, had a job on the railroad, and pastored a small church!

Sunday  noon, the younger boys came back for a few hours while big brother Malachi was at work so Mom and Dad could take Elijah to Miracle Camp and then get away to celebrate their anniversary.

We also had special visitors, dear friends from many moons ago, the Babcocks. Our adventures together in several diffent countries go back a few decades.

After they left, the boys and I played LIFE, Zion the banker instructing us on the rules of the game, his latest favorite!

Needless to say, many other pursuits filled up our week to the max. Michael's interests and responsabilities only seem to increase. We are thankful for the health, strength and wisdom to keep up with it all, and especially grateful for the opportunities to do what we enjoy!

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The Bug said...

Looks like a great week! I think Zion's ice cream pick was perfect! I love Ellie's wedding dress, and your dad was quite handsome!