Sunday, August 6, 2017

2017 Week 31: Slowing down

New  bloom on the block

As I sit down to reflect over the past week, I notice a little critter staring at me, and underneath a notebook open to "Writing Goals."

I look back over the few representative photos for this week and it feels rather soon to be posting again considering last week's Meemaw Moments came out on Tuesday. However, it's good to get back into a timely rythm.

Wednesday, my work was finished in record time. Michael was going to go for a bike ride. I begged to go along. Can you guess where we ended up?

The two afternoons Michael was at robotics, I paid Leah a short visit. Thursday we decided to go for a walk and invited Kayla. Little Rebecca warned us, "It's s'pposed to rain." We went anyway. By the time we reached the park where Skye was shooting baskets with a couple friends, the clouds look ominous and the wind was picking up.

We nearly ran all the way back to safety, just in time!  

Later Kayla posted this photo of Rebecca reading to Oreo the cat, a book I had just given her. 
(Does Oreo understand Spanish?)

Stephan posted this amazing after-storm scene looking out the front of his house.

Friday and Saturday, Karen and I attended an excellent writer's conference at Taylor University. 
It was her birthday outing.
Friend Rachael Phillips after her humor writing workshop 
I am so privileged to be in a local critique group. However, to whom much is given much is required. Will I put in the hard work to follow through with what I learned and the advice I was given for the next steps in my writing project?

This week I scanned  a group of old photos found among my parents things. One bunch related to my brother Lynn and his family. Among them many cute photos like this one.

First day of school
I gathered the photos in an album on Facebook and soon learned that Lynn's health had sadly deteriorated. The very next day he was in the ER. The diagnosis is grim--final stages of a liver disease.

We are cast upon God's unfailing love.

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The Bug said...

So sorry to hear about Lynn's health. That rainbow picture is lovely! Did you & Mike go to Ivanhoe's?