Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April Memories

The awaited explosion of blooms happened this week--narcissus, daffodils, jonquils (I never know which is which). There are hundreds, and thousands (maybe even millions, billions, and trillions!)I go out every day and bring in an abundant bouquet of only the fallen and hidden ones. Their beauty needs an audience!

Very old memories also exploded this past week. I am nearing the end of letter resources, so I looked into the photo album about our life in Argentina. I had put it together for my parents years ago. There were many that were difficult to arrange chronologically. I took along 10 pages-worth of 2"x 3"-size photos when I went to visit Mother on Tuesday, April 2, which would have been Dad's 98th birthday.

After sharing them with Mother and Aunt Margaret, using her big lighted magnifying glass, I decided to scan and enlarge them before our next visit. In the process I made some interesting discoveries that help piece together the story of those early childhood years.
I also posted the entire collection on Facebook for my Argentine friends to comment and hopefully recognize some of the faces in the pictures.

When we first arrived in La Carlota, our first mission assignment, we worked with the Dowdy family. Here you can see them in the back center, my mother next to Dortha, and me on the shoulders of one of their boys.

Now it's your turn for the find-Rita-in the-next-photos challenge.

After a few months, the Dowdys moved on to another assignment and my parents were left to carry on the work, which included three other small towns as well as La Carlota.

Summer camps and annual church conferences took place in the sierras during the summer months, January - February.
Me with Mrs. Dowdy and camp cook.

Looks like I got passed around quite a bit.

An extra challenge: find my brother Lynn also!

Photos add to my memories and available records. My father seemed to get involved in a building project wherever he went. This was the start of the Templo Evangélico in La Carlota. I wrote about a related memory in this blog post.

The children seem to be holding a model of the church being built. Next time I will see if Mother remembers this.

In my search for more resources, I wrote to my cousin who has access to the family archives. Kae is an archivist herself. She enlisted her mother's help. Aunt Fae wrote a very timely note:
As I am going through the diary for Rita’s book items, I came across this writing of Grandma’s—
This is Sam’s birthday, and we planned to celebrate Daddy’s [Grandpa’s birthday was April 4.]
and his together—were going to have ice cream after service,—but we got a telegram from the War Dept.,—stating  Phil was missing in action  since the 16th. [copied from the 1945-49 diary.]
 I imagine the planned party turned into a prayer meeting.

Esther and Norman Hirschy (my grandparents)
The diary contained a note about the previous day, Sunday:
Sunday—Sam played two  numbers on his new horn in church.
 They were having special services with Ralph Stoll.    This is when they learned the chorus ,”I Believe the Answer’s on the Way”. 

Yes, their prayers were answered. Uncle Phil came back to them, having narrowly escaped death, and lived a good long life.

I realized this week that I never knew any great grandparents, yet so many in our circle of friends and acquaintances do. We ourselves are blessed to have a great granddaughter. We treasure every opportunity to spend with her.
I usually pick her up and taker her to a community children's program at our church Wednesday evenings. This time abuelo brought her to our house first. She is growing up so fast, not soon enough for her, though. Rebecca says she wants to be five like her friend Sophie. She didn't quite understand that in the same month Sophie will be six!

Friday, I had a delightful time as the mystery reader in Zion's third grade. I introduced them to the oldest truly American picture book--Millions of Cats

Zion told his mom all about it and summarized the story like this:
Millions of kittens and the humble kitten was the most beautiful of all!
The reading and talk about old books that have remained popular, segwayed perfectly into the teacher's story of one of her favorite old books that has come to her after many years with the library card signed out to her more than once. 

Another memorable event of the week was a baby dedication. Sharon and I travelled to Edinburgh about an hour and 40 minutes away to support our young friend Trisha as she dedicated her son and commits to raising him to know and follow Jesus.

Sharon Ewband and me, holding Jackson.

Trisha's family support system
 The couple standing behind Trisha were her foster parents when she was very young. Over a period of 14 years they fostered 41 children and still stay in touch with several. Their daughter continues the family example. Some of the little ones in the photo have come through the system. God bless their faithful service.


  1. I knew my dad's grandmother (Greatnanny) - she was a hoot. She sold Mary Kay and lived in Florida, which I'm sure tells you much of what you need to know about her :)

    In the one picture I think you're standing by your mother in a little checked outfit (not the "gringo" seated on the ground). In that other picture I think your mother is holding Lynn. :)

    1. You got two out of eight (of course, some were obvious)!
      I hadn't noticed the dress was checked. Enlarging further reveals more! Thanks!


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