Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Last Winter Blast

Our week ended with a sudden blanket of snow, one last glimpse of winter beauty lest we forget in the euphoria of spring blossoms and scents.

The most powerful memory that surfaced this week was the anniversary of the horrendous accident our grandson Malachi suffered March 24, 1918.

Son Sam, ever intentional to remember anniversaries of God's gracious goodness, wrote:
Hard to believe it’s been a year, it’s been a whirlwind! This day was by far the scariest and hardest day of my life and yet a day filled with the hope and peace that only comes from the Holy Spirit. Not to mention the amount of support and prayers we received that were absolutely felt and tangible......So thankful looking back for our older sons and the work God has done in their lives since then. I am humbled
The event was complicated by younger brother Elijah's skateboarding accident within the same hour!

God's presence, grace, protection and healing covered our family, like the blanket of snow abundant and beautiful. 
A year later, the family is intact and active. And there is the promise of a new member--Malachi's fiancé, Lexi Meacham (above lower right).

Another anniversary remembered--Tuesday the 26th, Jimmy's 45th birthday. I love this photo of Papaw with his favorite little person.

Wednesday, we introduced Moriah to a movie that stood out in our list of meaningful thought-provoking films. How many have seen The Mission? If so, what was your reaction?
For me it has the added attraction of taking place in Northern Argentina, in the area of IguazĂș falls.

Sunday evening we enjoyed a meal with our home group from church. There is so much to learn and gain from sharing in community. We love getting to know these friends. And Michael's idea of a potato and ice cream bar was perfect. Everyone brought a topping for each, and a favorite ice cream.
Son "Chef" Stephan's directions for the perfect baked potatoes worked beautifully.

Thus ended the month of March, one quarter of the year, and another page of my sticker calendar complete!

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  1. Oh that picture of Jimmy & Rebecca - so sweet! I would like the perfect baked potato recipe! I had to make some (12!) last week & I just grabbed a random recipe off the internet.


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