Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Fourth Week

Slow healing continues--gradually less pain and increased mobility--and ever learning more coping tricks. Meanwhile more long walks, a few special events, and one big goal to focus on--clean up Dropbox of excessive files.

The first event to look forward to was the alumni evening at my alma mater, Grace College and Seminary, which included dinner, a lovely boat ride on the lake, and a tour of the newly opened Dr. Dane Miller Science Complex where we learned of the Lilly Center Studies that conducts testing and research of lakes and streams and classroom education in area schools. More than 50 aquariums are housed there ready to go out this fall.

Another institution we love is our neighbor--Taylor University. In my walks I continue to explore and learn new details: a plaque to remember a dormitory that is no longer; a campus clock, gift of the class of 1967; and the KSAC, short for Kesler Student Activities Center.

The next event I looked forward to was the Basque meal prepared by the three students who visited our area this summer. We had not met them yet so it was a very enjoyable evening getting acquainted and sharing the lovely food they prepared for us.

I also look forward to the Let's Make Art Paint Along of the week, though I was not as happy with my end result. However, the first pledge at the beginning of the show is, "I promise to be kind to myself." So here it is.

 Everyday this week I searched the Miracle Camp photos for glimpses of grandson Elijah. For days there was no sight of him. I began to wonder whether he had run away, ha! Then finally I caught these. Can't wait to hear his report of camp week.

Moriah (our resident student, away for the summer) sent a photo of the four Phyxtgears Dannar summer interns atop the huge mobile power station they've been working on. In less then four weeks they will be back in school.

Michael, besides helping me, has enjoyed some very long bike rides nearly every other day. Saturday evening, after a very long day riding with friends from what used to be the Delaware Cycling Club,  we had a delightful evening at an outdoor performance of Shakespeare's As You Like It by the Hoosier Shakes.

Other fun moments were encounters with friends--at a cafe, on a long walk, at the Farmer's Market, at a bridal shower.
And the finale was Sunday celebrating Skye's 22nd birthday with family at Matt and Kayla's. They are wonderful and generous hosts.

My gift to him was his early-life story, an assortment of photos-good memories to prepare him for what lies ahead as becomes a father. Here are just a few of my favorites: the new bicycle mom assembled; on our deck; his favorite pose; off to work with grandma's briefcase and wearing her shoes!

 There were a few cat lovers present at the event: Rebecca with Buddy Oz and Delilah, Leah's indoor cats; Kayla and Karen with Oreo and Twinkie, the Kern family cats.

For most of this year it has taken me longer to process each week's memories and memorable moments. If you are a regular reader, you have surely noticed and grown accustomed to looking for a post on Tuesdays. I am grateful to be able to continue these reflections on life as it happens.

Do you keep a record of the daily gifts life brings?


  1. That picture of Skye with his arms crossed reminds me so much of Tina's Simon - so cute! I'm glad you're progressing & continuing to progress in life.

  2. *participate in life - not progress. Ha!


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