Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Fifth Week

This calendar-page sticker-art represents the entire month of July--my extended vacation, unable to do many things. I could not hold a book like the girl in the picture. But come to think of it, I was able to place every sticker in place, however slowly and awkwardly.

And I could still walk and enjoy the wonderful weather and the many seasonal nuances of nature. 

I gained more freedom when the cast came off Tuesday, so we celebrated at Concannon's.

Monday the 29th was Mother's 98th birthday. I've been following her 1996 journal and read how they celebrated the day she turned 75--my current age.

Celebrated my birthday by going to Ft. Wayne. First we went to Blessings and took Daddy's baritone to get refinished. They loaned him a baritone while his is getting refinished. We then went to the Lincoln Museum for 2 hours. We could have stayed at least 3 hours there was so much to see. Dinner we ate at the Old Country Buffet. Called Rita after we came home but she hadn't arrived from Spain yet. Mike's mother said that Mike had gone to meet her and that they wouldn't be home for a couple days. Also painted an old door white to make a sign for D.V.B.S.

Some interesting notes to glean from that one paragraph. The celebration was low-key, just the two of them doing things they enjoyed, but combined with an errand. The day included some work for the church. Almost every journal entry mentions a church-related task to get the building ready, its maintenance, or to participate in the services.
I was reminded of the month I spent in Barcelona for a language teacher's course and living with David and Lisania Rhoton.
We had forgotten when it was that Michael's mother came to live with us, and were surprised that she was at that time still able to give accurate information over the phone.

I was so glad that earlier in the week Mother had family visitors, all the way from Las Vegas--Kyle and Tina were in the area to see his family.

Top: Betsy, Tina and Grandma Hoyt
Bottom: Simon, great grandma and Betsy
Wednesday Leah drove so we could visit Grandma Hoyt and celebrate her 98 years. 

My youngest brother Alan joined us for dinner with Mother and a good time together.

Leah and I stopped in the ARTcare with GRACE studio for her to see what they do there. Michael Conley, who runs the place, told us Mother had been in that day to paint even though it wasn't Friday, the assigned day for the Health Care residents. He is always amazed that she can focus and keep at a project the entire morning. Here are Mother's paintings I may have missed before.

I added my recent watercolor (an experiment of the wet on wet technique) to Mother's birthday greetings.

Zion was at camp all week. Everyday I looked through the camp photos for a glimpse of him. He seemed to be having a lot of fun. I asked him after what was his favorite. See if you can guess. You may be surprised.

Rebecca wanted to go fishing, so her Daddy obliged all the necessary gear--fishing pole, tackle box and all! She was so excited to catch one huge fish!

Michael has put in many miles on the bicycle this week. After one ride, a hundred-miler, he noticed all joint pain was gone! Truly exercise is medicine.

Karen and I attended the annual Taylor's Professional Writers Conference Friday and Saturday. That event probably merits a post of its own.

By the end of the week I grew tired of wearing the sling, and the brace hindered my handwriting so I dared to go without, cautiously, carefully.
I should also write about the lessons learned through the experiences of this very different month.

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  1. Happy birthday to your mom! Journaling is so valuable when you're trying to remember when something happened. I often started, but never continued. My P365 posts are as close as I get these days.

    I love your hollyhocks! They're a favorite flower anyway, but your rendition is lovely.

    Are the boys playing jacks or marbles in that one picture? And were they outlaws while doing it? Ha!


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