Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Festivals and Moves

Labor Day weekend is the big Upland festival--yard sales all over town, music and food at the Lion's Park culminating with fireworks Sunday night, and a parade on Monday.

My best yard sale purchase was this Mancala game that sits on our big counter and leads to competitive rounds among the three housemates. Moriah, the young college student has the most wins.

The parade is a big deal in this small town. As the memories of years past surfaced on Facebook, I was reminded of the variety of ways we have taken part and enjoyed this Upland tradition. When we had horses Michael and different family members entered them. Some rode bicycles another year and Michael joined on his Segway once. There was a time when the skateboarders from Sam's shop were a favorite feature.

Rebecca's first Labor Day parade
Our youngest family member, Rebecca didn't always enjoy the experience. Last year she hid in the house and watched through the window. However, this year she and I were in the Basics Jr. [a high-energy Bible club geared especially for younger kids 4 year-2nd grade] section. She rode in the truck and I walked/jogged behind handing out leaflets and candy. Moriah and I are both volunteer helpers in Basics Jr. this year.

The family tends to congregate in front of Leah's house to watch the event. When Rebecca and I came after the parade we found that Sam and the boys had joined the fun. Matt and Kayla had their honey sale going.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned the possibility of big changes coming for the robotics team. I can now announce officially that they are moving out of Madjax and into an old building that has had many lives in its 100+ years of existence. More recently it was a used auto shop. We walked through last week assessing the needs and potential. A huge amount of work will go into getting set up to begin building a robot in the new year.
My two favorite features--door and chandelier--so very out of place in the old dusty crusty warehouse. 

Back and front of Blue Dutch Auto
Hopefully, the move will draw in students from a broader area. To advertise the newly named East Central Indiana Robotics, the guys took advantage of the Matthews Covered Bridge festival, September 6-8, and set up a display with a few robots on Main St. in front of the building. They talked for hours with passersby and handed out brochures.

We had planned to go to Winona Lake Friday afternoon, visit with Mother and attend a Josh Garrels concert at Grace. Instead, I drove up to see Mother alone and met with a representative from a company that offers hospice services. My brother Alan and I listened to a lot of information and signed many papers. Later that evening a nurse came, checked her vitals, read all the charts and consulted with the agency's doctor who determined that Mother does not qualify for their services at this time .
"So, Mother, you are too well. You'll likely live to be 100!" She just smiled.

At the concert I met up with Sam and Kristie, the boys, and Lexi (Malachi's fiancé). Josh's music is a family favorite. We have known the Garrels for many years and watched their family grow. When the crowd was begging for an encore, I went outside the tent to talk to Michelle. Just then he ended with a song he wrote for his wife, and I took her picture as he was singing about how beautiful she is.

We are so blessed to know wonderful people from all over the world. This week we were privileged to visit with Andi and Sheba Eicher from India. They brought their daughter Asha here, a fifth generation Eicher to attend Taylor University. Of course, there was the obligatory Ivanhoe's stop.

Another exciting week that took longer to process than I had hoped. I am reminded that my body is still healing from the accident in June and that slows me down. 
I suspect none of you accomplished everything you wish you had in one week. True?

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  1. My goodness - it feels like they just moved into Madjax! I hope this place works out for them - it's a lot of work to renovate a space.

    I wonder if it's bittersweet that your mother is too well for the hospice services?

    I never get all that I want to accomplish done - but that is usually because I don't make it a priority. It's mostly just housework anyway :)


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