Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Fall Firsts

Even before the official beginning of fall, the season's programs began--tap, ladies Bible study groups, Basics Jr., Writers' Bloc, MOPS, etc.

Monarchs and More!
However, summer warmth lingered so we went to Stephan and Karen's prepared to get in the pool. The water temperature was below our old-folk comfort, but we enjoyed sitting on the edge and dipping our toes in. We then persuaded Stephan to bring dinner outside. What a lovely evening and delectable meal!

Tuesday morning we were up early enough so we listened to the first promo spot about FIRST robotics on a local radio station. Technology allows you to listen to it even yet, a week later (click on the caption below).

Shawn VanNess on WBAT
As a result, that very day, an Ivy Tech administrator stopped by the shop, where Michael has been working almost non-stop all week, and showed great interest in supporting robotics teams.

Our little group of mature women, the Dancin' Divas (smile) met again after a three-month summer hiatus. Hopefully muscle-memory will come back. I realized, though, that I cannot do all the accompanying arm motions yet.

Had to go out after class and admire Kayla's new-to-her car! She loves it!

That evening Moriah and I went together to the training session for all volunteers working with Basics (3rd-6th grade) and Basics Jr. (4 years-2nd grade)--a high energy community Bible club. We will both be helping with the younger ones this school year.

Now that I am driving again I have to be so much more intentional to fit walking into my schedule. Thursday Moriah babysat for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). I caught a ride with her part way so I'd have to walk home. Again I explored another pathway through the Taylor campus. Intrigued by the messages of the art I encountered on the way, I took pictures and asked Moriah what they meant. It has to do with traditions of a certain dorm floor, a unique subculture with its own initiation rites.

Midday I left for Mother's quarterly Care Plan Conference. There is some noticeable and gradual decline, however she is remarkably content for her age and limitations--she can't walk or talk, experiences recurring back pain, and has a couple of spots (skin cancers) that refuse to heal, but loves to do art.
We went to the monthly Bingo Store where she allowed me to redeem 200 Bingo dollars on anything I wanted. I came away with two bags full of loot. Then we visited her dear friend, Margaret.

With Margaret; reading the article about the robotics team; bouquet and Bingo loot
Another first this week was Elijah's marching band performance. Actually it is a first for Delta High School as well.

Trumpeter Elijah at 30"

 Friday I was privileged to spend the night with the three remaining grandsons at home. Malachi came home from college Saturday to stay that night until mom and dad return from their birthday-celebration (Kristie's 41st) weekend getaway.

My visit coincided with the arrival of the monthly Kiwi crate with hands-on projects for each of them. This perfect timing allowed me to see how they respond and what they do. There's no time wasted. They unpack the boxes and attack the challenge immediately without stopping until it is done.

Zion's was a science project called Buzzing Circuits that explores: switches in circuits; alarms in history; telegraphs & Morse Code.
Jude's was an arts project about Music Machines: playing music; musical instruments; and the science of sound.  

We also put together a couple puzzles and watched a season of Ultimate Beast Masters. Enough fun for one day.

Oh, and I also picked up Elijah from soccer practice, took a wrong turn in the process, made him wait. How he wishes he could drive! Alas, he has to wait a couple more years. Ughh!

Saturday, after dropping Elijah off for his soccer game, the younger boys and I went to the Orchid Greenhouse at Ball State University to learn about monarch butterflies. (Click on the link in the photo at the top for information about the event.) There were four learning stations including crafts and videos. We each made our own caterpillar. The boys gave theirs funny names: doggerpillar and French. I think Jude's was inspired by the Hank the Cowdog story we'd been listening to in the car.

Interestingly, while there I noticed an artist display by an acquaintance of mine and recognized one of her watercolors (on the right) where she replicated a friend's photo of a white owl.

We explored the entire greenhouse discovering and admiring the great variety of orchids. I asked the boys to pick a favorite spot for a photo. They chose the little pond with turtles, koi and gold fish.

After leaving the boys, on the way home, I stopped at the old building in Matthews in the process of becoming the new headquarters of Team 1720. Michael was not there then, but I did see the scissors lift that he spends most of his time on as he works on repairing and painting the ceiling. And I was gratefully surprised to see a friend of ours helping out a couple of the mentors with charting the electric circuit chaos of the many lifetimes of the building. Thank you, Frank!

And a big shout out to the Anderson Team 447 Roboto for their help all day moving load after load of equipment from Madjax to Matthews--four trailers, two pickups and cars x two trips each, at least!

How have you been blessed this week?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I would have LOVED to get a Kiwi crate when I was a kid! In fact, I just went to their website & I might have to explore the "Age 14 - 104" option. Ha!


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