Tuesday, October 1, 2019

September's final full week

The hydrangeas in our front yard are drying up, losing their bright white, taking on pink and green tones, not exactly like the one watercolor tutorial I attempted this week.

It was my last week of physical therapy. I rode along with Moriah to the Taylor campus, across from the clinic, just another way to get some extra steps in. We saw people looking into the sky. Oh, a beautiful rainbow! There were other sightings that day. A beautiful reminder of God's covenant love, and promise, Genesis 9:8-16.

On the walk home I explored more of the Taylor University campus. The center building, English Hall, is the one that has taken Moriah, a commuter, into their community.

I enjoy sharing a lunch with Michael as often as possible while he tackles the enormous project of turning a 19th century building into the new robotics team shop. So far he has spent most of his time at the top of the scissors lift--to replace missing dry wall and tape, tear down the variety of old stuff (pipes, lights, wires), apply primer and three coats of paint. He was having a lot of trouble with the sprayer nozzle clogging. He went to the paint shop, but they didn't have the right kind or size. A painter standing nearby overheard the conversation and offered to look in his truck. He came back with the perfect item and size needed!

Another God-encounter happened Monday when I parked at the court house at noon for jury summons appointment. I saw a couple of friends who currently reside in North Carolina. I jumped out of the car, ran up to them and exclaimed, "What are you doing here?" They were in the area and needed to pick up a copy of their marriage license. We agreed to meet with them and a couple other friends at Ivanhoe's (where else?!) on Wednesday. Instead of the popular photo by Garfield, they later posed by the famous Koch tree sculpture.

Jon and Carol Shaneyfelt
 Skye's girlfriend was working then and brought me a fresh coffee.

This was also the day I looked forward to reading Sam and Kristie's annual celebration testimony of God's amazing grace.

What a gift to be free from the chains of addiction and to be given hope and freedom. 19 years ago today God rescued Kristie and I from the living nightmare of addiction. Only an addict will understand the depravity that comes along with addiction, so much shame, pain, isolation, and darkness. I never thought back then that getting clean would have been possible, but God had other plans for our lives. If you are struggling from addiction please know there is hope, and that hope can bridge the gap between bondage and freedom. Please reach out to someone and ask for help if you’re not sure what to do or how to get out of the trap of addiction. I’m happy to help in any way I can.

Kristie: Today I celebrate 19 years of recovery and God's deliverance from a life of destruction. While engaged with the Bible today, this verse was included in my reading. It is a promise God's Spirit spoke to me 10 years ago through that Still Small Voice, prior to all my health diagnoses, when I was very frightened. The baby in my womb was being evaluated for a heart defect. I had just left an obstetrician appointment where the midwife seemed more concerned than she could conceal. I went home and cried out to Jesus for help for my baby, and I heard over and over the words "Isaiah 46:3". I eventually got off my knees and went and got my Bible. I did not have the verse memorized. I wasn't even sure if I had read it before. Yet after reading it, all my fears were calmed. Later my baby, Zion, was found to have no issues with his heart at the neonatal cardiologist's appointment. Since then, He reminds me of this verse frequently. I can rest in His arms. Not only does He promise to carry me and my children, but also He carries all those who call on His Name, who are Children of God. He has carried me through so much and promises to continue to carry me all my life. Praise Him!
Isaiah 46: 3-4
“Listen to me, descendants of Jacob,
all you who remain in Israel.
I have cared for you since you were born.
Yes, I carried you before you were born.
4 I will be your God throughout your lifetime—
until your hair is white with age.
I made you, and I will care for you.
I will carry you along and save you.

Friday I was happily able to go to our local Farmers' Market again! I enjoy purchasing goodies from each of the vendors. I spent the most time talking with this couple, the Zapfs. He is a wood carver with vast experience and many stories. He even brought some samples, photo albums, and a book that features his sandstone sculptures on each side of the Indiana State Museum.

Meanwhile, son Stephan was at his first woodcarvers event in Kewanna, Indiana. Here he explains and shows what he made--an owl called Flurry.

He had carved a piece to take and hopefully sell at the auction--a bench, or is it a bridge?

Would you be scared of the troll under the bridge?

Speaking of bridges. . . here is the bridge Moriah and her J-term Lighthouse team put together as a bonding experience this weekend. Looks like a happy crossing. But, of course, there were no trolls.

Another full week has flown by, and the month of September is also closing out.
Isn't life wonderful?

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  1. that is a GORGEOUS rainbow! Good capture! I love the Billy Goats Gruff bench. Stephan is so talented - not just with his work, but with his lively mind.


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