Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fall Fun

 We are experiencing a most beautiful fall season. I am trying to soak in the gorgeous colors before all the leaves are gone--the view out my window, the countryside on longer drives, walks on our road.

Fallen leaves provide great entertainment for the young'uns and exercise for the adults. I spent nearly an hour Sunday, after a very windy Saturday, clearing the driveway of leaves and sticks.

Uncle Skye and Rebecca
And it's pumpkin-carving season. 

"Look at the faces we designed. Any favorite?"
Recently, I enjoyed a memory that surfaced and the story represented--young David and gigantic Goliath, BUT GOD! 
Any giants in your life?

Stephan carved this some years ago

This is the last picture of Michael at the Matthews shop Tuesday, the day before he and Stephan took off for a duck-hunting trip out west with nephew Jeff and his son Cody in the wilds of Idaho.

Yes, he worked practically non-stop till the last minute and then slept through two flights and a five-hour drive to their destination. 

The first day the weather was beautiful, great for enjoying the scenery but not so good for upland bird hunting.

On the homefront, Wednesday was a full day with a fun visitor all afternoon. Rebecca and I played games, walked in the woods, delivered a meal to a family with a newborn, colored together, and went to Basics Jr. at church.
Here she is showing off the little panda "Beary" that great great grandma Hoyt purchased for her with her Bingo Bucks because it reminded her of panda bear I used to have as a little girl.

Rebecca likes to swing Beary on my exercise pulley.
Thursday I visited Mother again on Bingo Store day but mostly because it was the Fall Festival where the residents welcome the community families for an evening of trick or treating. Mother had fun handing out treats, and I tricking the kids with the strange-eyed Victorian mask.

Saturday morning treats from Deluxe Donuts appeared on our counter. Moriah thought of us even while out partying Friday night! I just had to take a bite while they were fresh, then I put them in the freezer to enjoy together with Michael when he returns. I hope that works.

How is fall treating you?

The BIG family news of the week:
Skye and Destiny found out that their baby due in March is a BOY! Skye is very excited!

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  1. I love your fall scenery! Your area is so lovely.

    You have a lot more discipline than I do - there is no way that either of those donuts would survive until my husband got home in my house. Ha!

    Fall has been weird here in NC - in the 90s until recently & now it's much more seasonal (although in the 80s again the other day). We've had to run the air conditioner at night this week!


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