Tuesday, September 17, 2019

September slipping by

 Since I began driving again I haven't walked as much. I miss that. I have also really missed watercolor sessions, with friends or even on my own. On one of those long walks weeks ago I picked up a beautiful luna moth (dead, of course) and determined to follow a tutorial I had seen to paint one.
Weeks went by, the poor moth was falling apart, the outline was sitting there, even a jar of water and the brushes. Still I couldn't find or make the time. Finally this weekend it happened.

 So, what fills my time? Most people are happy to see that my arms are free, no sling or cast, and so they assume I am all better. However, I am still working on gaining back pain-free full mobility with the left arm. It takes time to go to physical therapy twice a week and do the exercises every day. This week I was especially discouraged as there seemed to be little progress. A friend offered me a massage which loosened up some of the tight muscles. I am more encouraged now.

An article came out in the local paper that explains a little what Michael has been up to every day. Cleaning, fixing up, and outfitting the old warehouse, new home of the PhyXTGears, requires a huge amount of work. The goal is to have it ready for an Open House the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.
A couple of friends have given of their time to work with him.
I am very happy that this robotics team headquarters is only 10 or 12 minutes from our home. I enjoy being able to take him a lunch and observe the daily progress.

Diane's 66th birthday was Wednesday (9/11). She has come to really look forward to and even expect the annual getaway, a "tradition" begun last year when I took her to Amish Acres.
This year we went to Shipshewana--the Blue Gate Classic package--inn, restaurant, and theatre.
"I really liked that," was her most repeated phrase as she commented about each and every experience.
Notice her "knight in shining armour" She can't decide which ride she prefers.
She was enthralled by the walls and walls covered with photos of country singers and performers.

Ah, the Amish covered buggy was the best. 

So many photo opportunities
Michael took off all day Saturday to enjoy a long ride with his bicycling buddies. The beautiful weather won't last long.

Kristie had been training for a mini marathon and amazed herself:
"I ran my first #halfmarathon in 9.5 years! My time wasn’t what I had hoped for (1 hour 55 minutes and some seconds?). I hoped to do it in 1:53 or less. But I started WAY too fast and ran the first mile in under 7 minutes. I reminded myself that I need to run my race, not theirs. So I fell back, but still kept an 8 minute mile for half the race... then at 9 miles the lactic acid began to turn my legs into steel beams. I hit a hard wall at mile 10 and prayed and willed myself not to walk. I didn’t, praise God! Somehow I got 2nd overall! I was shocked... there wasn’t much competition. Except - The winner was in her 20s and was phenomenal! I am grateful God has given my body the ability to do this again at my age. In a couple days I turn 41!"

Today as I write this it is her birthday! We are so grateful for you, Kristie, and for the health that has been restored to you after many years of struggle.

The book I am working on is a neglected area in my life lately. That has to change if I ever want to be a "finisher."

Do you have an unfinished project that calls to you incessantly?

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  1. I love your moth painting - so delicate & pretty. And I love all the photo ops for Diane. Except I think she should have gotten on the chicken (rooster?). And yay Kristie! She's so lovely.

    I have got to get back to crocheting regularly. Maybe now that the days are shorter I'll feel more "nesty" when I get home from work & want to crochet. We shall see!


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