Tuesday, February 11, 2020

47 - 25 - 13

The kitchen nook where we kept Save the Date and Lighthouse-trip prayer cards, has traded the latter for Moriah's spring semester class schedule. Time moves on.

Birthdays remind us of the unrelenting passing of time. Tuesday was Leah's 47th. However, the big event of the day was a follow-up doctor appointment. Though not the preferred way, I did get one wish for this year--to spend time individually with each family member on their special day. I am very glad to be able to accompany daughter-friend on each step of this journey to better health. She even declared me her new "health care provider." Ha! We are grateful that her blood pressure is now in a normal range.

A favorite photo some years ago
Michael and I were privileged to attend a celebration in Warsaw on Wednesday. I was especially glad that he could go with me to the Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony for Global Auto, a long overdue recognition of my youngest brother's business.

Chamber president (left) introducing Alan
Chamber and staff members witness the ceremony
The Warsaw Times Union reporter was there beforehand to interview the owner, my brother, whose full name is Norman Alan Hoyt.

The article that came out the next day tells the backstory and also served to advertise the big event--Global Auto Celebrating Anniversary With Car Giveaway planned for the weekend. Read toward the end to learn what the number 13 refers to in the title of this post.

Another article, Global Auto in Warsaw celebrates 25th anniversary, included a photo of a second ceremony that took place upstairs in the auto mechanics training area. 

Bankers presented Alan with $2,000 to purchase two NAPA tool kits for interns

Before heading home, Michael and I visited Mother in nearby Grace Village Health Care, Winona Lake. The residents were gathering for Wednesday afternoon Bingo. I sat with the ladies through one game, then we headed home trying to avoid the coming snow.

Margaret (left) was especially surprised to see us

Thursday was a "newsworthy" day at robotics. A radio reporter and freelance writer interviewed students, mentors, and the team president. I put in a couple hours of cleaning tile floors to make a good impression on these special guests. I doubt they even noticed as the place was buzzing with activity.

So Saturday was the big celebration day for Global Auto.

Having food and a car giveaway really brings out the crowds!

Next to the garage, on the second level, is Resolve Realty, my brother's real estate business, and the automotive technology training center.

Raquel and Alan's corner desks in the real estate office; 7 bays for the cars students work on
Leah's family joined the festivities and dropped off a car for the students to work on--Skye's Sebring.

Skye and Jimmy preparing to tow the Sebring
 I left the party before it was over so I could have lunch with Mother and the ladies at her table. I always enjoy entertaining them a bit. This time we had language fun. Margaret was saying things in Spanish and Bev taught me some phrases in Sango, and we laughed a lot.

The week ended with a Central Asian treat. Moriah brought a honey cake she made with a couple J-term trip friends. Yummy!


  1. Congrats on all the celebrating! So glad Leah's BP is in the normal range now - & glad she has such a great health care provider :) Moriah's cake looks really yummy!

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