Monday, June 8, 2020

Highs and Lows

Cousin-Karin's Sunday bouquet

Our last iris

The answer to last week's mystery culinary experiment.

Michael's cherry-berry pie

I stopped at the shop, on my way back from an appointment in Muncie, to see the progress of the Hug Wall, Michael's third project during and related to the pandemic.

Does anyone know what this is for?

No Monday meal at Dove's Crossing. Stephan and Karen are on a two-week vacation out West. Tuesday, June 3rd was their 20th anniversary! 
Sitting by the pool last Monday they talked like their place is so beautiful that they might simply enjoy staying home. However, I can tell from the many photos posted, they have enjoyed many other favorites.

That was also the day Leah had an early morning MRI to determine the extent of the cancer. I went over later and spent some time with her. The journey ahead is daunting.
I got to have some abuela moments with Kalani. This selfie is not very flattering, but what I like is that we both have disheveled hairdos.

Every day of the week I had at least one appointment. Wednesday was an early morning, long-awaited hair cut in Marion quite close to where Diane lives. So I arranged to go to breakfast together after.

As things are gradually opening up, the Senior Center started up their Wednesday meals. We enjoyed an abundant spaghetti meal (we are still eating the leftovers!) I took a take-out to Leah who lives very close to the Lion's Club. We visited for awhile. I'm really enjoying these frequent opportunities. 
Then I went around the corner to Kayla's to deliver a Kiwi crate Rebecca had left at our house. She showed me her hens: Beatrice, Birdie, and B. . . (oops, I forgot her name).

Thursday was  my follow-up appointment with the periodontist. Due to the amount of bone grafting he had to do after extracting the two damaged lower front teeth, he estimates the healing will take four to six months before I'm ready for the crown. Meanwhile the partial is difficult to insert and remove. Ugh!

Next stop was to see Leah who had just met with her doctor to learn the results of the MRI and discuss treatment options. The news was not good. A mastectomy is scheduled for Tuesday, June 9. We are very grateful for a superb doctor with much experience in this area. The road ahead is daunting. To borrow Kristie's words when facing previous serious crises, "We walk in victory and hope."

I enjoyed watching Nana Leah with Kalani. 

I continue to plug away at research and writing. There seemed to be a "family" theme to the memories that surfaced this week.

Michael stays well occupied with his projects, a few bicycle rides a week and a long one with friends every Saturday.
Most of the group made it to Indiana's Highpoint and found it laughable. The distance they covered was no joke, however. 

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  1. Kalani is adorable. I'm so sorry to hear about Leah - I will keep her (and you) in my prayers.

    Thank you for the article you sent to me - I skimmed it, but plan to do a thorough read when I get some time. And to answer your questions - the red one is Rita (named for our friend Rita Vermillion), and yes, each square is different. Fun!


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