Wednesday, June 24, 2020


This is Cousin Karin's biggest and most colorful bouquet to celebrate their church's first service after the global shutdown.

In contrast, this wildflower bouquet was the best I could come up with this week.

Since Leah's surgery,  every day is a waiting day. I want to be on-call to help if she needs me, so I don't make plans until I know for sure. Monday midday she learned that she'd be in the hospital  one more night. 
We went to Monday dinner and brought Leah into the circle via video chat. Michael sent her a panoramic view of us all at the picnic table. Leah in good humor wrote back.

 "I'm having dinner with this guy."

Tuesday was homecoming! Nana was especially gratified to be welcomed by Kalani!

Kalani-Nana conversation

The next day a friend brought by a welcome-back gift for Leah. We had a lovely visit sitting out on the deck.

Virtual hug for Leah

Michael's days are filled with repairs (finding and fixing the boiler leak), making meals (including homemade bread and cheese), and riding his bicycle (100+ miles this week), among other things.

Perfect loaf of Caraway Cheddar

Work at the shop is on hold right now, waiting for responses from nursing homes who might want to try the "hugging-wall." However, Thursday evening team-work nights started up again, sorting Legos for FLL this fall.

Friday, June 19, was Sam and Kristie's 21st anniversary!

I really enjoyed all the photos posted to honor dads on Father's Day, so I borrowed some.

Thinking of the heavy responsibility that being the head of the family represents, I chose these colorings as an encouraging message to fathers this year.

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  1. I'm so glad Leah got to come home! That bread looks FABULOUS. And I love your colorings!


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