Tuesday, August 25, 2020

New Beginnings

Thanks again, Karin, for brightening the opening to this weekly photo-journal.

These blooms provide a cheery welcome to Monday Night Dinner.

Karen's cute new hairdo was a fun surprise as well. 

Tuesday, Moriah moved back in after five months. We enjoyed reconnecting with her but failed to get a photo.
I noticed another move that day. Michael's recumbent bike hangs where the tandem used to be. He is grateful for the good health he is experiencing which allows him to ride his regular road bike. His total for the week exceeded 200 miles this time!

Wednesday was Leah's first daily appointment at oncology. Actual radiation treatments began the next day.
I try to spend a few minutes with Kalani when I pick up Leah. We are intentional about him getting used to abuela. His other Nana was looking after him.

Thursday, some of my ladies' Bible study group got together out on our deck and enjoyed being able to socialize after five months, even if at a safe distance.

I resolved to get back to the Let's Make Art Watercolor lesson online that I had enjoyed so much last year. When Michael went to his robotics' team meeting, I joined the weekly tutorial. Initially I was not excited about the project, but was surprised at how much I like it in the end, especially the idea that God had fun designing a creature where black and white make a beautiful whole! 

While abuelo was out on his looooong Saturday ride, Rebecca and I had an adventure. It took two hours to walk the two-mile Upland trail. We were like the tortoise and the hare. She would run and stop, run and stop, while I plodded on steadily. However, the plan from the start was that each bench we came across was a photo-op and rest stop. We met a little green worm or caterpillar. Rebecca name it Harry and left a blade of grass and a little rock for him. 
At the half-way round about we enjoyed the wildflowers, and also crossed over the road and walked to Ivanhoe's. The line was too long and we'd left our masks in the car, so we changed our plan and ordered take-out from Greek's Pizzeria and purchased drinks at the grocery store next door. The kind lady gave her a balloon that she named Pinky which entertained us on the walk back. Sadly, Harry had moved on.

We are enjoying the wonderful weather.  What's new in your life? Any adventures this week? 


  1. I love Karen's haircut! I'm close to getting something similar. Maybe after my vacation in September - I'll want to be able to pull it back in a ponytail then.

    Your walk looks lovely - just my kind of thing. I'm glad you got to spend some quality time with "our" girl.

    Wishing Leah well on all her treatments!

  2. So glad to be 'back in the loop'. We are visiting dear friends who live in the woods in Wis. We don't
    have ph coverage here but I finally realized I could connect to email via their jet pack. You are such an
    amazing artist, Rita, following in your dear mother's 'brush strokes.' I certainly love your Zebra.
    Continuing to pray for Leah's complete healing....

    May You all be well....

  3. Lovely to catch up with your life once again, Rita. I see you continue to follow in your dear mother's 'brush strokes' and have brought almost to life, your cute Zebra!
    I enjoyed all you shared as we are at our friend's also 'in the woods' in Wisconsin. We don't have ph. connection so have to change back to 'Verison'.

    Continued prayers for dear Leah for complete healing....


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