Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Festival and Getaway

Another lovely Tennessee bouquet to open this weekly blog and bring us all some cheer from the Creator via Cousin Karin's skillful arrangement.

The two major events of the week were the Upland Labor Day festivities, and our getaway for Diane's birthday.

The town's three day festival included a variety of events: yard sales, music, food vendors, carnival rides, ice cream socials, a spectacular fireworks display Sunday night, a 5k competitive run/walk Monday and then the parade like the grand finale.  

ATVs are allowed all around town, so the kids borrow ours and enjoy it all weekend. 
I try to do the 5k each year. This time I "graduated" to the competitive walk and came in second out of six.
Kayla and Rebecca walked in the parade representing the public library. Ruby (Elijah's friend) rode one of the horses of Rope this Ranch where she works.
Kristie and the boys joined us in front of Leah's house for some family fun and a lot of candy gathering.

I came home from the dentist one day and found a couple of special visitors! Michael was teaching Kayla the game that has given us untold hours of brain exercise. We play at least two games of Splendor every night before bed.
You can see who really was the center of attention. Actually Kalani slept and let them play the whole game.

For a few years now Diane and I have gone somewhere special for an overnight birthday getaway. This time Michael came with us. We stayed in a cottage in downtown Nashville, Indiana, a small town with many artsy shops. We had two mishaps: I left my purse in a restaurant some 20 miles before and Michael had to go back for it and Diane got lost once but was able to remember my phone number and had someone call me.

We enjoyed the unending variety of art and talking to people. 

We walked, toured, basked in the beautiful weather and ate too much! Speaking of food, on the way back Michael wanted to try the Edinburgh Diner's famous giant tenderloins. 

 We were home safely Friday afternoon.
Leah is halfway through her radiation treatments! I missed our times together driving to the appointments those two days.

Michael faithfully did a long bicycle ride Saturday, some 70+ miles. He stopped at the Amish Market in Fountain City and promised to take me there.

And in the evening we went to see our friend Tamara play the part of Ouiser in Steel Magnolias at The Commons Theater in Alexandria--a fun finale to a full week.


  1. That does look like a fun week! I'm glad you got to get away - & your friend as Ouiser looks like a hoot!

  2. Wow, what a 'full' week that was. I so enjoyed following you through it. Oh, you were so close to Freddy in Nashville. I believe you know he is in Bloomington. Please pray for him today as he is flying to Lebanon.
    We are still enjoying the last of Mike's honey. We just arrived home from our almost 5,000 mi. road trip. I enjoy the 'closeness' of our togetherness when camping. Whose is that beautiful little one in the car seat?


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