Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Flowers, food, friends, and family

Another Sunday bouquet from cousin Karin in Tennessee--delicate muted colors this time.

On the home front, another surprise gladiolus!


Monday evenings, at Stephan and Karen's, I've enjoyed the fragrant welcome of these hostas.

When I gathered my photos for the weekly blog post, I was chagrined that there were so few and only of blooms and food. Of all the fellowship opportunities, not one photo to add to the sweet memories.
I will have to use word pictures instead.

We enjoyed John Tuggy's visit. He shared in church in the God is at Work segment, and also joined us at Monday Night Dinner. Stephan and John roomed together at one time when they were Taylor students. John met Nikki, a local girl during that time. They married, have three beautiful children, and now live in Uganda. Their oldest daughter, Eliana, is at Wheaton. When students were sent home in March, she was able to stay with a relative in Chicago. As a freshman, it's been difficult to be away from family, adjust to life in the US, try to make new friends, and then finish the semester online. The family was scheduled for a US visit, but only Dad was able to leave Uganda a couple months ago before the borders were locked down. And now must wait to get back to his family and church. Meanwhile, he helps daughter #1 (with drivers license, insurance, and emotional support), visits family, friends and supporters, and prepares a weekly online message for the church back in Uganda. 

That same day I met Georgia at The Bridge for a farewell breakfast before her move. Ever since we walked together one summer, the friendship has grown. We've gotten together many times to make art together, or sell it at local fairs. I will miss her, but am happy for her new surroundings. She is such a lover of nature, captures beautiful photos, and paints amazing miniatures.

The next day, Tuesday, I got together with my neighbor friend Petey. For several years now we have tried to meet for coffee every week. Family priorities and appointments interfere at times. We are so grateful for the sharing times we do have and the growing friendship.

Such beautiful times and no photos to share. However, these ladies prefer it that way.

Moriah, now a senior, brought her friend Joselyn over to cook a meal together for the first time. The food was great!  (No photo  :-(  ) Why did they wait so long?
However, we enjoyed Moriah's bread making twice this week! Her coworkers at Chick-fil-A luv her bread! They sit together after closing and clean-up and devour an entire loaf.

I enjoy visits with Leah on the days when I take her to her radiation treatments. And Kalani's smiles when I arrive a bit early to pick her up. The days Destiny does not need the car, Leah likes to drive herself, go on country roads, notice the beauty of Indiana landscapes, and glimpse as many animals as possible.

We love it when Kayla stops by and visits for awhile. She had borrowed folding table and chairs for Rebecca's birthday parties and came to return them. She is loving her part time job at the Upland Library, and not so excited about teaching dance via Zoom.

Michael still rides his bike a couple mornings a week and then the long one with friends on Saturday.
Robotics' weekly team meetings are cancelled until October, so his time is taken up with the many tasks that require his attention around here--cracks and ruts in lane and driveway (hired it done); fix water tank and boiler leaks; stock pile wood for winter; and so much more. He is never idle.

Most of my in-between moments and hours are consumed with research rapture. After compiling several years-worth of BMH Gleanings about the Hoyt clan (Brethren Missionary Herald findings that mention my father's siblings), I have gone back to focus on the mission work in Argentina. I completed year 1940 summary this week.

Both of us listen to audio books almost constantly, borrowed from the library and accessed via cell phones. I favor historic fiction and memoirs. Recently I listened to all available by Ruta Sepetys and highly recommend her writing. She finds hidden stories of suffering and tragedy and weaves historic facts into compelling novels. I am convinced that she also suffers from research rapture!

When Michael and I drive together anywhere, I read out loud. This week we finished a short and powerful memoir, Finding Mom by Stephen C. Messer, 2015. Interestingly, he and his wife Betty were my colleagues when I taught at Taylor University, and she and I taught Spanish! It was published some ten years after I left TU and I did not hear of the book until recently.

Finally, on Saturday, I took advantage of photo opportunities. Elijah was playing soccer in the neighboring town, at Mississinewa High School in Gas City. It was so wonderful to have a time to catch up with son Sam's family. We haven't seen them in long time, it seems. Elijah played well. He is a strapping 6 foot-tall young man!

So, what were the highlights of your week? 

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  1. I think that might be my favorite of your cousin's flower arrangements - so lovely! And so is Moriah's bread - yum!


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