Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Week 36

Cousin Karin says, "Here is another glad to make your heart glad. It is one of the prettier ones I have had, and notice the frilly edges.There are also two orangish-red ones in the center front."

The daily trips to Oncology for Leah's radiation treatments continue. We are grateful that the side effects have not been worse. Tiredness is the main one. 
I enjoy little visits with Kalani, especially when he smiles for me. And during our rides I get to hear about all the things he can do now.

Kayla keeps very busy at her part-time library job and loves it! Tuesday I stopped by there to donate The Library Book and take Rebecca for a walk. Another mother picks Rebecca up after school and brings her to the library.

Rebecca didn't want to walk the trail again, so we picked up her bike and went to the park. She rode around everywhere, taking breaks and asking me to join her on the playground equipment. I quickly realized that I am not as flexible as I used to be!

We watched some good films this week as part of our evening entertainment. I was very interested in the documentary about the life of Luis Palau, an Argentine evangelist. We also enjoyed God Where Are You? and Copying Beethoven.

While researching the 1941 Brethren Missionary archives, I came across several fascinating stories about the mission in Argentina. For example, several letters from Laura Wagner described what her life and ministry involved--the heavy load she carried, her zeal, her heart for people and the extent of her sacrifice. My admiration for this woman grew enormously. I only wish I had gotten to know her better when I had the opportunity. It happens that their second daughter (in dad´s arms) started a Christian school and I taught third grade there for about a year. By then, late 60's, doña Laura was a white'haired older woman who faithfully cooked for the school children. She could have taught me so much from her life of missionary experience. 
Interestingly, their son (in mom's arms) lived in the US several years, He remodeled a little house acquired from his relatives. worked in maintenance at Grace Village where my parents were and at Global Auto, my brother's shop. Alan and Victor were friends and ministered together in the Spanish-speaking church in Warsaw. Dory, his wife, was able to join him from Argentina. They were very dear to us and we've missed them since they went back to their homeland and their children and grandchildren,

It was fun to get together with my fellow-writers again after a summer hiatus, albeit virtually via Zoom.

Later in the day Michael and I went to an in-person event--Elijah's soccer game. Always a joy to share moments with family!

A small treat for Elijah after a long game.

Saturday was the start of a big weekend in Upland, starting with yard sales all over town. People come from everywhere causing traffic jams. Diane enjoys coming for the event. So I picked her up and we made the rounds of the library book sale, a couple yard sales, a visit to her good friends the Phillips, and we ended the day with a stop at Sophie's Ice Cream.

Diane enjoying a turtle sundae

Will end with another blossom to cheer y'all, my latest tutorial. 

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  1. Another busy week for you! I love your flower blossom (and your cousin's bouquet!).


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