Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Friendly Faces

One week into the new job and still trying to figure out what, when, where and how; feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed at times. Today, however, after days of gathering information about the ELP (English Limited Proficient) students and meeting with most of the teachers from the three schools, I had a sense that things were beginning to come together.
Everywhere I go, I meet up with people I know from church or Sunday School, dear friends and new colleagues, some former students--all kind and encouraging, a very present help in this life transition. More importantly, however, we are a significant presence, strategically placed to impact lives in the schools.

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Kim said...

It was so good skyping with you last night! Ivan's on his way back. I spoke briefly with him about noon but his cell phone battery was about dead. Just a little bit ago my co-worker called to tell me the inter-city buses are on strike again so when Ivan gets into Cordoba (not sure exactly when) he won't be able to catch another bus on to Carlos Paz. So our co-workers are calling the people Ivan stayed with in B.A. to see if they know what bus he's on so we can meet it in Cordoba.