Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Reflections

Mike is back from a week out West in Idaho, his yearly hunting trip with brother and nephew, and in his luggage he brought some 25 lbs. of frozen duck meat.

This was another beautiful fall day though cooler than it has been . We went for a paseo, a leisurely ride, on our tandem. First we stopped to watch our grandson Skye's last football game. The season was good for learning and growing, certainly not a winning one. (Y'all would be proud of me, I think I finally understand how the game is played!)

Our next stop took us to Payne's, a unique artsy-type custard and coffee shop. Being a local hangout one is likely to meet friends or acquaintances. And we did--a precious young couple who have seven children, among them a 3-year old is battling cancer. They were out on a date, thanks to the kindness of our own neighbor who was looking after their children. This Wednesday Isabel starts a 6-week radiation treatment.

We are grateful to live in a very supportive community. We have been here 25 years now and have worked in a variety of settings and moved in different circles. Not a day goes by without a friendly encounter or meaningful conversation. And lately, I seem to come across former students more often, and they seem happy to see me!

Circles of influence, the contexts where I have lived and worked--that is one of the themes I've been reflecting on. I started to draw a circle for each one, noticing how they overlap or affect one another. I want to think on this further to gain insights into God's ways and His purpose for my life.

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