Sunday, November 2, 2008

Indian Summer and Ww

Another wonderful Sunday!

First of all we got to sleep in longer, with the time change (end of Daylight Saving Time).

We were in charge of leading the Sunday School discussion. Today it was about Ww, God's WISDOM and man's wisdom, from James 3:13-18. Much food for thought in those few verses leading us to ask ourselves where and how we might be buying into the wisdom that is earthly/worldly, natural/fleshly, of the devil/demonic?! The kind that is 'reasonable' but not from above.

Yesterday I attended a conference for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), my new area of work. And I was reflecting on God's Ways, not always our ways. I wouldn't have chosen to change career paths, but I can trust His leading. So, I learned some, and was encouraged and was loaded down with materials and ideas.

Back to our day TODAY... After church we got to talking to Rachael, MK from Cambodia, Chris' girl (he's the South African who lived with us six weeks in order to stay in the area, get to know and woo this maiden) and Upendra, from India (adopted son of our friends the Eichers). And then continued our conversation over a meal on our deck.

Mike needed this leisurely time. He's had a rough week and a half: leaks in the heating system, both water pump and heater needed to be replaced; research and order, wait, install; trips to find more parts, try again, not right yet; meanwhile on colder nights start up the wood boiler; car breaks down has to be towed, fuel pump replaced to the tune of 100s...Oh, and the ongoing demands of the robotics team, his 40 hr. a week job, and his wife. ¡Pobrecito!

I, on the other hand, had an entire week off for fall break. So, what did I accomplish? Un montón de cosas, a whole bunch of things, a list of tasks that make me happy but wouldn't interest y'all very much.

You might like this one: I went with Mother and Dad to the Senior Center during my one day visit, after all I do qualify. It was the monthly Fun Day. The theme was Western Wheel of Fortune. Most were wearing cowboy attire--hats, boots &/or the whole works--very colorful, indeed. They called three people up at a time to spin the wheel and answer trivia. The only one I knew was the singer referred to as the Man in Black. (Anybody know the name of Roy Rogers' ranch?)

So, I sat at their regular table with them and met some of their friends and had a free meal provided by...uh...I forget the name of the business that donated their time and food this month. Free food, fun time, a beautiful day...not bad, eh?

Well, I've rambled on and time is running out. Back to work tomorrow. Life goes on. They say this Indian summer is going to last through most of the week. But change is a comin' and I'm not talkin' weather now, folks. No matter who wins the election this week, there will be change.

In GOD we trust.

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