Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Epocas de la vida=Seasons of Life

epoch=a period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event

Sunday we celebrated our asked-of-God-Samuel's 30th birthday. It was a fun, hilarious time. Our rendition of the birthday song has become infamous famous. Comments that followed: "I never heard a family make such a noise." "No one sings the birthday song quite like we do. And the lovely part is that it's different every time. It never gets old. (:" "Next time we should record and post on YouTube!"

The 'fixed point or event' that marked the beginning of Sam's 30 year epoch happened on November 6th, 1978. He was brought forth to the light (the concept behind the Spanish expression for delivery or birth--dar a luz) by a surgeon in a planned Caesarian operation. The doctor said the procedure was so routine, he'd done it so many times he could probably do it with his eyes closed. (Did he think that thought would comfort me?!)

Of course, that was a very expensive way to enter the world. Samuel was, however, a good and perfect gift from above, so God footed the bill through his people of the Omro, WI, church we were attending.

Then a couple weeks later we began another long journey, as a family we rejoined Operation Mobilization, this time as part of the M/V Doulos crew. Baby Samuel and I flew to Norfolk, VA, while Daddy and his two older siblings drove crammed into a vehicle with all our earthly possessions. Somewhat of a rough start to that epoch of our family life, but it's safe to say the rest of the family felt it more than the pampered babe.

The next big move took place when Sammy was almost five and we left the ship to settle in Upland, IN. The adventures of the intervening 25 years could fill several chapters or blog posts, so I will move on to comment on other epochs.

Another memorable celebration: Billy Graham's 90th birthday. Anyone touched by his life and ministry was invited to write a message. I wrote about Mike's mother, my mom-in-law, who gave her heart to Jesus at a very precise moment after reading one of his books.

Another epoch: after 40 years, our friend George Verwer was allowed back into India a nation very much on his heart and the focus of so much of his ministry.

Here on the homefront, this week marked the return of an earlier house guest, Chris from South Africa. He will be with us a few months to continue courting Rachael, pictured in an earlier post. There's 'a time to love,' said Solomon.

This fall season has been unusually mild and beautiful. We are now moving into cooler rainy weather...and I have a sore throat...ughh.


Kim said...

I remember well when Sam was just a baby and I met you for the first time. You made me feel very warmly welcomed into the family :-) And when you moved to Upland a few years later, it was nice to be able to spend more time with you and start getting to know y'all better. The years do fly by!
Feliz cumpleaƱos to Sam!

rita said...

That had to have been a very brief encounter cause baby Sam and I passed briefly through WL on our way the Doulos.
I do remember, however, that a few months later we were in Santa Rosa when you were married.

Kim said...

Yep, it was a "flying" visit :-)