Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 Week 3: Mid January already

Two grandsons spent Saturday night with us to give mom and dad a break, and grandma Debby watched the baby.

Before and after church Malachi and Grandpa worked on a Lego model of one of the concepts for the new robot. Then, a quick lunch and they were off to Muncie to the brainstorming session. Malachi himself presented the idea to the group before rejoining his parents.

Robot build season is off to a good start. Monday Mike had to assign tasks for building prototypes. The team has a blog to inform the rest of us of the progress.

Jessica and I went to Monday Night Meal and on the way there we stopped by Chef-son's studio to see his practice piece.

The gazelle was already a week old and the horns were drooping. Anybody explain how ice can bend?
BTW, his competition piece won a second place!

At the dinner I got to see and hold Zion. He's growing so fast!

My great accomplishment for the week was to thoroughly clean and scrub the wood floor. It is among my most hated chores, along with cleaning the oven. OK, maybe a few other housekeeping tasks as well. After they're done, however, I always ask myself why I don't do them more often.


Brutus, the cat, enjoys the shiny spotless look and feel too.

Wednesday I visited with Dad and Mother and spent the night in Winona Lake.
Dad doesn't say much anymore, but he sure lights up when he sees me.

I spent the night and tackled another all-morning cleaning job at Mother's--the cabinets under two sinks and the fridge. I decided that going through an area, cleaning and ridding, is a good use of my time when I go up for a day. And I'm convinced it is easier to throw away someone else's things. Maybe we should do this for one another.

Mother gave me a small quilt, could be a wall hanging but I am enjoying it on the dining room table with a Klaytivity center piece.

Being a "robotics widow" is not all that bad. While he was gone all day today, I went out to lunch with my former colleague and friend. She introduced me to a new eatery in Fishers called El Bodegón that serves specialties from South America and Spain.


LuAnn said...

How fun to spend time with your grandsons.
My sister-in-law lives in Lewiston. Not to far from WinonaI think.
Blessings on your week!

Rachel @ Future Pastor's Wife said...

Love the shot of Brutus! How funny!!!

sara said...

so great that you live close to your grandchildren...that is my hope and prayer!

that ice sculpture is amazing!!!! How in the world did he do that?

I agree, it is much easier to throw away other peoples when are you coming to my house? :)

now I am heading to Klaytivity's etsy store!!!

The Bug said...

I hate to clean my floors too - and it takes me 30 minutes in my small house. Why don't I do it more often? Sigh.

The ice sculpture is pretty amazing!

Kim said...

A great photo of dad and mother! Thanks for sending that and the others with the e-mail.

The quilt and pottery look great on the table!

So, did you feel like getting down with the cat and rubbing around on the clean floor? :-) A clean floor makes a house look/feel clean even if the rest is a mess. At least imho :-) So I try to keep the floor at least swept...our black tile is a pain because it shows EVERYTHING.

Once we return to VCP I'm going to have to come back and follow your links to the robotic team's blog and catch up on Karen's blog. Just haven't had time to keep up while on vacation. And that's okay :-)

Have enjoyed this very relaxing week; very different than our "normal" vacations because we didn't have an agenda and each day has just sort of evolved.

skoots1mom said...

loved your pics...especially kitty!!

beckyjomama said...

LOVE the ice sculpture! Pretty amazing ... and how DOES ice bend? Wow! LOVE the one of the cat on the floor too - great shot!

Lisa said...

I also wonder throughout the week what everyone is up to. I can usually figure yours involved grandchildren...what a blessing to them and to your kids!

The sculpture is amazing, especially as long as its been there.

Can't believe how big the baby is So precious!

Cathy said...

Zion is such a cute name. Never heard that used before. The ice sculpture is amazing. Sounds like you a full wonderful week.

Amy said...

What a great week!!

Oh my goodness that ice sculpture is amazing!! He is oh so very talented. I love the picture of your parents you really captured your dad's smile.

You have such a knack for photography, I really enjoyed your pictures.


Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Whoa. That ice sculpture! Whoa.

Elizabeth said...

Malachi looks so grown up in that picture...

Great picture of Grandpa... wish we could visit him more often.

Good to see that Uncle Mike has a etsy shop now...

Darla said...

what a wonderful ice sculpture!

Esthermay said...

Awesome ice sculpture!!!!!
Brutus is a cat after my own heart :) ...totally agree about cleaning floors – hardwood or otherwise. ick.

Winona Lake – such wonderful memories! I found an old song-book from the 50’s from Winona Lake Campmeeting in a used bookstore last November and gave it to my mother (an organist) for Christmas. She LOVE it!

Grandchildren are surely the Hallmark of most of your posts. That’s so special – I can’t wait for my own – course our littlest ones will probably still be little and it’ll be a full house of chaos – still can’t wait!!! It’s very lucky for those grandchildren that you are so close!
Wonderful memories :)

Lhoyt said...

Brutus looks so comfortable! He must own that home!

Great pix. Thank you also for the picture of Mother and Dad. I've got to plan a trip up there soon.

Tori said...

My floor could always use a polishing if you would like to send Brutus this way. :)