Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 Week 4

Sunday morning early we set off for Niles, MI, to watch our son compete in the Master's ice carving competition and to meet up with  the Bankers, good friends from way back. We lived and worked on the same team in Germany and Austria and ministered in Eastern Europe. We were just starting our families back then. In fact, Donna let me wear some of her maternity clothes when I was carrying Stephan, the now 'famous' ice sculptor!

Monday I became keenly aware of the mess that surrounds me, and was motivated to aggressively go about setting up a writing area upstairs. Here's the clean desk. I love it!

No before-photos. Believe me, the desk was buried.
I threw away a lot of teaching-stuff. It's easier to say goodbye now after a year.

Very timely, indeed, as this week I started another online writing course. These are my text books.

These are mere beginnings, but I am committed to keep on keeping on at whatever pace and for however long it takes to sort out our accumulated stuff and record our life stories.

Two very tasty new recipes this week won the approval of my hubby, but I only remembered to photograph one of them, the Chicken and Pepper Stew With Olives from the January issue of Real Simple.

What's worse, I can't even find the recipe now. It was a most delicious combination of pasta with roasted garlic and butternut squash. Very yummy!

Saturday, we celebrated Elijah's fifth birthday. I chose only three photos.

The birthday boy

Of course, I must be true to my blog theme and include a Meemaw Moment.

Here is Zion again later, cleaned up after a major blowout!


I just couldn't resist this opportunity to show off my gordito.


Hi, I'm Angie! said...

Loved the ice carving; that is so amazing!

Oh, a clean desk...I only dream of those! :)

Cute baby! You get the "awwws."

Esthermay said...

Ice Sculpture – truly amazing! They’d never understand this in Mexico :)

New writing desk: WaY!! Too clean. Hahaha!

LOVE those recipes from “Real Simple” This one looks delicious & nutritious.

The “gordito” = omigooDneSS

Kim said...

The trick is KEEPING the desk clean. lol

Enjoyed the photos, as always. Stephan's carving skills astound! Hope you'll share some of what you're learning about recording the family stories; something I've thought would be good to do but not even sure where to start :-( The food photo is making me hungry; as soon as my photos get done uploading for this week's post, I'm going to have to go fix something to eat! What a cute little gordito! So glad you can spend time with all those grandchildren :-)

Have a great week!

sara said...

I'm with Kim, the trick is keeping it clean. I'm a "stacker" and it gets messy too fast!!

I love that you are working on your family history....what a legacy.

that meal looks great!!

Oh my word, you just want to kiss those baby rolls!!! he is adorable!!

Tori said...

Niles is about 20 minutes from my house. The sculptures are always beautiful!

Love that baby....just want to eat him!

Elizabeth said...

Love the gordito picture... just too adorable!

Amy said...

Just love baby pictures!! The dinner looks so yummy and so colorful.

The ice sculptures are amazing...WOW!!

Great pictures.


skoots1mom said...

love all your pics

Cathy said...

Cool ice sculpture and great photos of the grandkids!

beckyjomama said...

Ice carving fascinates me!

LOVE those sweet baby thighs!

He & Me + 3 said...

YOur Grandchildren are so cute and I love that you call them meemaw moments. So sweet. That Chicken and pepper dinner looks awesome! Thanks for popping by my blog. I love to meet new friends.

Lisa said...

Gordito indeed! He must be getting some good milk!

Ah, a clean desk...such a good feeling that lasts about 5 minutes around here!

That is an incredible that you are writing your memoirs. Just from reading your "about me" portion, you have an amazing, God-ordained story to tell.

The photo thing is tricky, because it is fun to look through the hard copies. I've been very happy with both my Blurb book and ones I've created in Shutterfly, pre-blog days.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

I'm still blown away by the ice sculpting...!

Ah...a nice, clean desk. Wish I had one of those. Come to think of it, a nice, clean HOUSE would be pretty great, too.

Rebecca Jo said...

Nothing like a clean desk!!! ... I just wish I could KEEP mine clean!!!

MMMMM... I love peppers - that looks so yummy!

Oh, look at your g-babies... so sweet!!!

Marice said...

awww great photos! and that baby is sooo cute!

u may view mine here

SmallTownRunner said...

WOW. I don't think I've ever SEEN the surface of that desk before. Amazing.

The Bug said...

I enjoyed your pictures today. Your meal looks great except for the olives. But I could pick them out & give them to Dr. M :) That would be romantic, wouldn't it?