Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Week 26: Welcome back!

The week began with a welcome back dinner as a family and ended with a welcome dinner for our Basque teens. Most of the days in between were spent getting ready for Amaia's arrival.

We were eager to return to chef-son's Monday meal and be with that circle of friends again. The food was great!

A type of flat bread with wonderful pesto

Polenta with meat sauce, tomatoes, fried squash and goat cheese.

Fresh pineapple, sliced paper thin, with sherbet
My camera stopped working in Europe, the lens refused to retract. I sent it in for repair or replacement, another reason why I've struggled with photos this week.

The World Cup holds our attention (and takes up our time!). Here next to the computer I have a pop can that I brought back from Spain. Of the seven possible collectibles, we were served Coca Cola from these cans. Is that cool or what?

Argentina won twice. I couldn't watch the game today, but am going online to look at the 600+ photos...or not.

Friday was the long/exciting/scary day. 
Very looooong for those traveling from Basque Country. Amaia's family got up at 3:30 to take her to the airport in Bilbao and the group finally arrived in Fort Wayne at 5:30 pm our time, near midnight their time.
There was much excitement at the airport, families with brightly colored welcome signs...and some scared bewildered faces of the new arrivals.

We did not have a sign this year, but could have stolen borrowed this one from another family:

These, BTW, are the names of the three girls in our Upland group; they are common Basque names.
As the bus drove by Dane and Laurie's house, next to our destination, we saw they had put up the Basque flag. We knew they would be so excited to see Amaia again, so we walked over to their house. As you can see we also welcomed our granddaughter Kayla for the month.

Saturday was Orientation and Welcome Dinner, and then all the young folk played some get-acquainted games.


sara said...

Not a feeble attempt at all!!!

the food looks wonderful!! How do you get the pineapple sliced so thin?

One question, why was Friday scary?

rita said...

Thanks, Sara.
Maybe chef-son cut it with an electric knife?
The photo is actually from when we had it in Spain and we wondered the same thing--How on earth did they slice it paper thin???
Friday scary? Well the new kids coming over to America are very brave. It is easier for those coming for the second time or coming with a friend. And the host families are also wondering how the month will go, so many unknowns for both parties. Not for us this time, but still we want it to be special and we feel like we can never live up to the wonderful hospitality shown us by her family.

Tori said...

I think you're doing a great job keeping up!
The food looks great! Did he prepare the polenta in some type of mold?
How exciting for all of the families and students! And I love her name!!
Have a super week!!

Elizabeth said...

I love the Coca Cola can... so cool that it has an Arentine flag on it...

skoots1mom said...

that wasn't surely beat mine ;)
sweet pics

H-Mama said...

I'm distracted by the food... and officially hungry now. ;)

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Dinner looks delish!!!

Isn't Amaia a beautiful name?!