Saturday, June 26, 2010

Arantxa's Place

Our lodging for the ten days in Basque Country was a lovely apartment belonging to our host's sister, Arantxa. Her family was not going to be there any of those days, so we were graciously allowed to stay there.

Where the roses are growing through the fence is the back yard.

The first evening we had a lovely dinner on the terrace prepared by our host.

Laurie loved the flowers and plants and sweeping the patio first thing in the morning.

Alberto preparing a wonderful salad of tomatoes, tuna, corn, olives, fresh garlic, and of course olive oil. That was the first course, and the second was an amazingly tender and tasty cut of beef in sauce.

Before dinner we all went for a stroll along the river.

We could see the cliffs of France on the other side.

Then we came back to the gated community and to Arantxa's place.
I thought it interesting that they use the English word on the STOP signs.

I was especially amused by this sign: "We beg you to take control of your dog's poop."

On the last day we were privileged to meet Arantxa in another town where she works.

Thank you, Arantxa, Alberto et al!

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