Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Week 50

The Christmas season is in full swing. I love how it brings to the forefront the story of God's love. Everywhere and in many ways we see and hear reminders of the Incarnation--God became man and dwelt among us, Emannuel.

This week I set up the miniature nativity scenes on windowsills. Two new ones are: one from my SIL in Argentina, simply adorable; and another that reminds me of Stephan's ice sculptures. Like ice, it is difficult to photograph.

Speaking of Stephan (Chef-son) he is in New York state. Ice carving competition season has begun.

Monday Night Dinner at Chef's was great fun. Small, the core group, but good food and great stories.

Here, some of the Christmas decor, including Karen's own ceramic nativity in the center.
And speaking of the DIL, she had surgery this week--the second bunionectomy.

Mike continues to work at the Red Barn setting up the art room. This week he installed the kiln found on Craigslist and converted to single fase electricity. It came with some extras such as the POTTERY sign.

Teaching Spanish continues. One more week, then the worst--grading finals and calculating semester grades.
The commute has been okay so far, only one day of hazardous weather. Most of the time I enjoy the sunrise so much that my camera is clicking constantly. Hmmmm, that may be even more dangerous.

Center Stage Dance Studio had their Christmas program Wednesday and Kayla participated in every session from 4:30 to 9:00 pm. I was there for the first and Mike for the last.

Kayla is in the back row on the left. A couple years ago she and I made some of the aprons they wore for this "We got hot chocolate" number.

Just when we run out of Christmas sweets, a neighborly gift appears in the mailbox. I may not need to bake at all! Remember I'm only a 'Koch' (German for cook) by marriage. It is very convenient that the real 'Koch' in the family likes to cook. We were responsible for appetizers for our progressive dinner group and this is what he prepared. Can you guess what they are?

These were the leftovers. A quick photo at the end of a long day when I realized I had taken NO pictures.


The Bug said...

I think they're bacon wrapped something or others :)

Dr. M takes all of our sunrise pictures on his way to school too. My work commute is the other way so I miss the sunrise (although I've been tempted to take a picture of the rear view mirror I decided that might be unsafe!). His grades are due tomorrow. He'll probably pull an all nighter to get it done in time :)

sara said...

Ha! I was going to say exactly what the Bug said "bacon wrapped something"!!

I am thinking, Rita, that you need to keep both hands on the steering wheel this time of year! :)

Love your nativity sets...I always enjoying putting all of mine out!

Elizabeth said...

I love all the nativity sets... I always enjoy taking mine out during the Christmas season.

I dont know what that last picture is that you posted... but it looks good and I would love the recipe :-)

Kim said...

Bacon wrapped water chestnuts? Those are yummy!
Trust that Karen is doing well, recuperating and resting.
Ugh, the dreaded end-of-year grading! Will pray for you :)
Looks like a fun dance program. Love all the cute aprons too.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

OK so we all thought bacon wrapped something, I say water chestnuts or meatballs....


rita said...

Yes, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, which he named:
Crunch Nuggets
1.Marinate chestnuts in soy sauce and sugar.
2.Wrap with bacon, secure with toothpick.
Takes about 1/3 of a strip of bacon.
3.Bake 45' at 350°
4.Baste in sauce:
¾ cup brown sugar
1 T mayonnaise
1 t Worcestershire sauce
¾ cup Ketchup
5.Bake 20'

Oldfangled said...

I am not a fan of water chestnuts, but if you wrap them in bacon I might be swayed.