Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 Week 51

Last week of a great semester.A few more presentations and a final.
One student had us in stitches with a rendition of First Semester of Spanish Love Song.

Second week of meeting with a small group of new friends to share and support one another.

Notice the lovely china, the scrumptious chocolate cake, the friendly dog at my feet (if I were sitting at my place and not taking a picture), and the lovely sunshine. Outside it was very cold and snowy. All good.

Another outing was midweek to drive my wheelchair-bound friend to the monthly Elderberries meal. The weather was bad, Mike had another committment, so I had to drive the special van. Her enjoyment of the evening made it all worthwhile, and Mike came and drove on the way back. A good day. Sorry no photos.

 All week the snow has persisted. Thursday the commute to teach was long and messy even on the major highways. Would everyone be there for the final exam? Of course, they can't miss. All went well.

Kayla was not feeling well one day. I picked her up from school to give her a ride home. She came out with a ballerina hippo, a special gift from the yearbook teacher.  I begged a smile to see the new hardware in her mouth. She had braces put on the lower teeth this time, but you can't see them in the photo. Do you see the red and green decor?

Friday was niece Tina's big day. For lack of a photo for the day, I will go back and use one taken on Thanksgiving day when she tried her dress on for our advice on accessories.

Notice the cute little purse. You can't see the lovely red shoes.

Finally, this week I continued decorating and got some more Christmas shopping done. I found a new seasonal banner for our stairwell.

Less than a week until Christmas!


  1. I always love music!!! and I am partial to guitars! :)

    my kids loved changing the colors on their braces!

    Kim's pictures of Tina's wedding were beautiful!!! What a wonderful day!

    Merry Christmas Rita!!!

  2. It's been cold & snowy here for over a week too - but most of our roads are clear.

    Love Tina's dress - I really enjoyed Kim's pictures from the day.

    You guys are so much more social than we are - it would probably be good for us to have friends to hang out with too. :)

  3. Lovely new banner for the stairs. So cute! I like her artwork.

    Seeing Kayla's colorful mouth reminded me of when Tina used to do the same. Each month she'd choose a different color combo. Made having braces a bit more fun :)

    Being inside where it's warm, with friends, is the BEST part of winter!

    SOOOO enjoyed our time together yesterday. Thanks for coming up!

  4. Congrats to Tina! I hope Kayla is feeling better. And the banner is cute!


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