Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Thaw

Rain, flooding, and warmer temperatures signal Spring!

This photo was taken two days after the big rain only half a mile from here. The field and road floods over and a sign warns drivers NOT to take the plunge. Years ago one of my students rushed in unheeding, car windows rolled down, the flood waters poured in and her Spanish textbook floated away!

Sunday afternoon was full of fun and a variety of Meemaw moments!  When the grandboys came over there was still snow on the ground, but we may now have seen the last of it. I say that very hesitantly because we live in Indiana where weather is unpredictable.

 Brutus doing his best to avoid Zion's attentions.

In Alaska, Stephan and team worked hard all week in frigid conditions.

(photo from Ice Alaska website)
Some of his quotes:
"20 below zero seems okay after you've been working outside in 30 below zero temps for a while."

"It's really hard to carve when the temperature is 25 below. But when it warms up to 0, it's much more comfortable!"
"People can adjust, but the tools don't like it." (frozen brittle cords kept breaking)
American Rodeo
(photo from Ice Alaska website)
Pottery learning continues at the Red Barn three afternoons, MWF, and Team 1720 meets a couple times a week to make the necessary improvements on the robot before the regional competition in a couple weeks.

We, Mike and Rita, had two getaways in one week! Wow!

Thursday we visited a juried art exhibit, used a restaurant gift card and went to see The King's Speech. Excellent!

So where did we eat, and what? Any guesses?

Saturday we joined other "DABbers" (Daily Audio Bible listeners) at a 'family' gathering near Indianapolis. We met some really great people and put faces to the voices we hear every day online.

My favorite photo is of the two siblings who record the reading from the New Testament every day for the Daily Audio Bible for Kids.

There is also Daily Audio Bible en español.  I have yet to listen to these other formats.



Looks like your week was very busy. I love the pottery pictures, especially the one of the girl on the wheel. Have a blessed week.

The Bug said...

I'm guessing either Outback or Applebees - wherever it is it looks great!

Looks like a busy & fun week. I hope we've seen the last of our snow too, but we'll see :)

Oldfangled said...

I went that route when I left your house Sunday. Thankfully it wasn't too deep anymore!

The Cyber Hermit said...

The way Zion and Brutus are looking/not looking at each other cracks me up. The cat seems to be thinking that if he just ignores this small human, he will go away...

I saw the King's Speech this weekend too and loved it. It was an excellent movie.

Kim said...

I can't figure out where you ate, but the food looks muy rico!
How did Stephan's team do with the last sculpture?
Seems like you're bound to get more snow since it's just March. But maybe it's different since you're quite a bit farther south than where we lived. We could count on snow through at least the end of March and I remember some flurries in April!
Absolutely loving the color in the Pottery room! :)

rita said...

Applebee's--grilled shrimp and island rice; spicy chicken and potatoes and queso blanco.