Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011 Week 11

Sunday afternoon our special overnight guests arrived, in fact, a little before we got back from our Indy getaway. Mike's brother and wife, and Pixie Pup, were on their way back to Wisconsin after vacationing in Florida. We had a great visit and were joined by DIL Karen and SIL Diane for dinner.

The week was spent mostly at home keeping busy with the usual tasks and the necessary upkeep, including defrosting the freezer (me) and fixing the water heater (Mike). Also our regular outings:
--Monday night dinner at Chef-son's, a great meal prepared by Karen. Stephan had arrived from Alaska shortly before and was very tired.

--Robotics (Mike), they only need two days now (Tuesdays and Saturdays) and fewer people to make the final changes in readiness for the first regional competition next weekend.
--LITE (Life Independent Through Exercise, me) meets twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays. I have been teased about the following photo and headline in the local newspaper.

Taylor students help elderly stay fit

--Ceramincs at the Red Barn (Mike) three afternoons. The first glaze firing yielded some happy surprises for the novice potters.

Friday I made garrapiƱadas , a snack to take for Stephan's 40th birthday open house. Typically these sugar-coated peanuts are prepared and sold on the streets of Montevideo and Buenos Aires, especially in cold weather.  How appropriate, I was wearing my Uruguay t-shirt.

Today, Saturday, was a big day--Kayla's dance competition and Stephan's 40th birthday.

Results posted by her mom on Facebook:
Two Gold Medals for two solos ~~as group 5th and 4th place ~~ Special trophy in solo called "Beautiful port de bras"(movement of your arms) and group special trophy "Real Explosion" (good facial expression, and strong moves). What a way to end her final year of competition with Center Stage!
We watched her solo dances in the morning and then went to Stephan's open house.

In an earlier blog today I asked a question. What do you think, from looking at this photo? What if I tell you that nearly all of the many cards he received contained jokes.

Another fun week is over. It is time to go to bed, after changing the clocks.


Mrs_Thielke said...

Fun week! I love making pottery! And those peanuts looked oh so yummy!
Blessings on the week ahead!

Cotehele said...

How nice to visit with your extended family. Sounds like your week is very full of activities. The recipe for garrapinadas is similar to my candied pecans. I am sure they are very good. Congratulations to Kayla! You must be so proud.

I am working tomorrow. I don't know when we will all get together. :-(

Have a good week.

Kim said...

Another busy week at the Kochs! :)
I can imagine the multitude of "over the hill" cards Stephan probably received. lol
That's great news about Kayla's many medals!!! She's such a lovely young lady.
The peanuts are making me hungry. I haven't had them yet...must remember to look for them next time we're in Bs. As. in the colder months.
Funny newspaper photo :) "Rita the Elderly" sounds like the name of a book. hahaha

RaD said...

Congratulation to Kayla! Wow! What great accomplishments!

Is that a bird bath I spy in the middle of the pottery?

skoots1mom said...

what a beautiful dancer...the pnuts look yummy!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Beautiful ballerina!

Great week!


Oldfangled said...

Thank you for your contributions to Stephan's birthday party! He enjoyed himself, and thanks to your Horchata, I didn't have to make punch!


what a fun week it looked like you had. Loved the dancers at the end. There is nothing prettier to me than a graceful.

Rebecca Jo said...

sugar coated peanuts? say no more.... I want some! :)

What a beautiful dancer. Such a physical & beautiful sport all in one

Mimi said...

Wow what a great week it sounds like it was!

I hope this week is just as good.


The Bug said...

I was just talking about sugar coated peanuts with my dad - my housemate in Zambia used to make them all the time. Yum!

Stephen looks like he's about to burst with happiness in that last picture - happy birthday to him!

P.S. Elderly? Really? Pshaw!