Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vegas: Day Three

Mike and I started the day bright and early by going to the pool. (We were still at the Ramada where the pool was quiet, abundant breakfast is included, there is a fridge in the room, and free WiFi.)

The routine every day was to drop Kayla off at the UNLV  and come back later for her lunch break. Sometimes we went in to check the schedule and try to connect with teachers or parents. On this particular day, I talked to a mother from Georgia who knew of our OM headquarters and some of the people we know! As they say, "It's a small world."

After lunch with Kayla, we took off for the mountains to explore Red Rock Canyon. (The short video on this site beats all of my photos.)

We practiced using the panning feature on my new camera.

We hiked a trail that was reasonable in length and was supposed to be the coolest--the Ice Box Canyon.

He must be wondering what's taking me so long. I was probably checking out the varied vegetation...

...or the amazing cloud patterns.

Can you see an eye peeking out from behind the clouds?

This evening we headed for Circus Circus, ate well at The Garden Grill,...

...circled the midway,...

... and finally made it to one circus act--a very young girl hula hoop expert.

Another good day.


The Bug said...

Ooh - I totally saw the eye! I'm jealous of your panarama capabilities. My Mike & I spent our honeymoon in the Blue Ridge & Smoky Mountains & we spent the whole time saying, "We need a wide angle lens!"

Kim said...

Y'all have better vision than I do... could not find the eye.
But I have enjoyed finally catching up! Looks like a very fun trip with lots of new experiences. Congrats to Kayla on all the awards too! I'm sure it's a trip she'll never forget!