Sunday, July 31, 2011

Setbacks and More

Two setbacks have slowed us down, to do with insurance and illness.
We found out late last week that our initial adjustor is no longer with the company, and so had to start over with a new agent.
I got sick (arghh, ouch, ugh!) so I functioned in survival mode for a few days, which included doctors visits, tests, diagnosis, and delaying many plans. If you came back hoping for another Vegas episode, you may have been disappointed (or not). The mini-travelogue was interrupted and hopefully will resume (and end) this week.

Sunday afternoon the three younger grandboys came over and spent the night, always a fun and very active time. Look at what the six-year-old did.

Monday we had quite a discussion about the design for the carved oak stump. (Thank you to those who wrote with ideas.) The next day Stephan brought us a drawing of what he has been thinking, along with a beautiful narrative explanation. All I will say now is that it will be beautiful, dynamic, symbolic and simply awesome!

It is quite ugly right now. Mike got up very early this morning to go out and split logs. He came back sweat-soaked and soot-covered.

Tuesday, diagnosis--diverticulitis. Not fun.

We were invited to the farewell dinner for the Basque girls--great Basque food and I on a liquid diet. How sad is that!

(I'm borrowing this photo because the ones Mike took with his cell phone were lost.)

Wednesday I went with Kayla to her college orientation.

Later that evening we tried out the hot tub Mike had been cleaning and fixing. Great relaxation. Another something special that came with this house. Only one problem he got in the water with cell phone still attached to his waistband. So sad.

Thursday I felt well enough to resume the cleaning and restoration routine. I spent three or four hours working on Mike's pottery tools. Never knew he had so many.

Friday, July 29th, two family birthdays
We celebrated Skye's, 14 on this day. Great family fun. We all got in the hot tub!

And today Saturday, we honored Mother who turned 90 yesterday.

I had not yet seen her new apartment at Grace Village. I am so grateful for my younger brothers who helped her move and my SILs who arranged and decorated. What a fabulous job! Here is one of my favorite corners of the new place.

It is still very hot and dry here in Indiana.


Lisa said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. That is NOT what you need right now! Can't wait to see what happens with the stump.

Yikes, I hope the parents don't see the picture of the pole climbing. :)

Mimi said...

I hope you're feeling better. It sounds like you still managed to pack in a lot into a week of sickness.

Have a great week,

skoots1mom said...

still hot and humid here...
eager to see his carving...
loved the video especially...
fun times

The Bug said...

I'm so sorry about the setbacks - & especially your illness. No that is NOT fun.

Can't wait to see Stephen's vision for the stump. We already know how talented he is.

The hot tub looks like fun - but that little one wasn't interested in relaxing, was he?

Lhoyt said...

Love the corner of Mother's living room! By the way mother would have had a heart attack if I had tried to shinny up a pole like that, especially at six years of age.
Sorry about your bout with gas pains. Glad you are doing better.

Lhoyt said...

It finally rained today. Heat index has been in the 100 degree range for about two weeks now. Hope the rain helps

sara said...

can't wait to see what you do with that stump!!! friend has that and it is no fun at all...praying for you!!!


Diverticultis....I am so sorry and will be praying. Hot here in Alabama...and took a trip to Nantucket to escape the heat and they had one of the hottest weekends in forever.

Kim said...

Since we didn't really have time to talk during the party, I had no idea you'd been dealing with illness :(

It was fun getting together Saturday. Praying the work proceeds quickly on the house!